'7 Days of Sex' Will Prove Sex IS Vitally Important to a Good Marriage


A new show on Lifetime called 7 Days of Sex may blow the lid off the truth about married sex. And it comes not a moment too soon.

One of the big jokes of married life is that married people never have sex. Haha, right? But it's a cliche showing up in every guy movie from The Hangover to Couples Retreat and everywhere else, too. It's also ubiquitous on television, with some shows making an entire storyline around the poor dad who never gets laid.

Well, enough of all that! Lifetime's new show challenges real-life couples to have sex for one week straight with the hope of saving their marriage. Cool, right?

The show 7 Days of Sex premieres tonight (Thursday, April 26) and follows these couples through their seven-day journey and asks some questions: Does a healthy sex life equal a healthy marriage? Will daily sex become a chore? Or will it make them stronger?

Last year, I tried something similar for 30 days. It was difficult. I won't lie. With young kids and two busy jobs, sex does sort of take a backseat in our relationship. In asking around, I have found that we do have more sex than most married couples we know with young kids. Still, even our three to four times a week average has started to dwindle in recent months.

It's not so easy!

As our sex life drops from four times a week to one or two, I always notice a decline in other parts of our marriage, too. Our communication falls off, we fight more about little things, my husband starts to feel neglected, and he gets more snappy. It's not good.

Truth be told: sex IS a crucial part of a good relationship. When you are working round the clock to raise a happy and healthy family, it can feel more like you are business partners or brother and sister (ew) than sparkly, sexual beings who once rocked the house (and the car and the kitchen table and ...). That is not good.

Obligatory sex, like on the show, might feel like a chore, but my guess is it will overall improve the marriages. Even if it's awkward and fumbling and feels almost forced, couples are doing something together and hopefully it's something that becomes fun (or even funny) and that makes them laugh.

Laughter and intimacy are two of the most important parts of any good marriage. Once you have those, you have enough to sustain you in the hard times. So do I think it will work? Hell yes. Will I tune in to see? Definitely.

I will also be trying the challenge myself in the coming week or so. Stay tuned.

Would you try this challenge? Think it would change anything?


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sofia... sofia0587

Yes! I know once we get our own place again it should get better! The lack of sex has really driven us apart and it sucks!

nonmember avatar Cynthia

Sex should not be the main focus of ANY relationship. Sex is great, esp if you're both in the mood, but everyone's sex drive is different. Sex in a good marriage is when both partners understand how the other feels and you work together for sex. Sometimes one wants and the other doesn't, and sometimes you go for it just because you have the time and can. Putting the pressure on the relationship and turning sex into a chore is not going to help a relationship, it's only going to feel like another burden on it. Romance, understanding and intimacy is far more beneficial than sex!

nonmember avatar blh

While sex is important its not everything. Me and my ex had great sex but our relationship was shit. And if you have sex all the time out if obligation it'll feel like a chore and you'll resent your partner.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I think I'm missing something. Clearly they are not going to literally be having sex for seven days considering humans need little things like sleep and food and bathroom breaks. How many times a day do they need to have sex? Please tell me it's not just once because that wold be the most pathetic premise for a reality show ever.

KWnav... KWnavywife

No they have sex every day for seven days. Not sex continuously for 7 days. 

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Its just a fact that if you are in a monogomous relationship with a man you have to make sure his needs are met. I have the most loving, attentive, and supportive husband I could ask for, but if we go more than a few days without nookie I notice a change in his attitude. He doesnt try to guilt me, or otherwise force me into having sex, but it usually forces me to sit down and reevaluate my priorities. I mean, at the heart of things, I want to feel close and loving toward my husband and I dont want him to feel neglected and that, to most men, equals sex. 

nonmember avatar Lord K

Nope! We don't need this. I married a woman who totally loves sex. We have it at least 5 out of 7 days a week.

nonmember avatar Ande Lyons

Great post Sasha!

I love that you and your DH make intimacy a priority... even with young kids and exhausting schedules... yay!

Because women are aroused by how they FEEL, it can be a little more challenging to get out of our heads and back into bed. I always suggest a little 'bedtime stories for adults' to help tap into our Temptress. One definitely doesn't want to fake it... I mean, we wouldn't like to sit down to a romantic dinner and have our darlings watch sports the whole time, right? :D

I think it's great Lifetime is keeping the spotlight on this topic. It's the deeper intimacy, connection, and love after great sex that spills out into the rest of our lives. And it's good for our bodies, too!


@AndeLyons @BringBackDesire

spani... spanishblueyes


 I dont think sex is being forced as a daily "chore". I think this is an assignment for couples whose love life is in the toilet. I feel like sex is important in any relationship. Should you always force yourself to have it for your partner? No but your partner should not be forced to go without to make the partner with a lower drive either. If you are a good  loving couple you find ways to meet in the middle as with anything else in life and marraige. I do agree that for me and mine it is important and we tend to get bitchy and snippy with each other if we go too long without that intimacy. 

Cj Arnold

after 30 years of marriage no kids at home both have study jobs .... im feeling all of the above .... this is my life ..everything ive been thinking and going threw ... its hard ..

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