'Teen Mom' Leah Messer Says Marriage Is for Dummies

Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer tied the knot a couple of weeks ago in a “secret” wedding to groom Jeremy Calvert, and caught some flack from fans for getting married again so soon. Especially for a girl who just turned 20. Oh, and supposedly she might be trying for another child. When she already, you know, has two of them.

But that said, over the weekend, Messer tweeted a defense of her choice to race down the aisle a second time: "When you're young and in love you might do some things that don't seem all that smart ... There’s 18 inches from your head and your heart!”

First of all, I measured. Maybe Leah is a lot taller than I am, or she's built like an alien or something, because I’ve got 13 inches between my head and my heart. Did Leah mean her stomach? (Yes, I know this is a saying. I have Google! Maybe I need to see a cardiologist.)

Second, did she just say that her marriage "wasn’t that smart"? Maybe I’m misreading this, so I’m going to read it again: "When you’re young and in love …" -- okay, got that part -- "... you might do some things that don’t seem all that smart." Nope, not misreading. She just said this second wedding happened because she's a dummy. Sort of. Well, all righty then! She’s honest, gotta give her props there.

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Leah’s latest union comes less than a year after her divorce from Corey Simms, so it’s natural that people are wondering why she got hitched again so soon. Some are even speculating that it was a shotgun wedding, which Leah’s mom has denied. But now we all know the real reason. It wasn't because of a baby -- it was because of the lack of inches between organs!

At any rate, Leah seems sure this time, saying that she and Jeremy have a "real connection." Plus, this wedding was a small affair, with only close friends, family -- and MTV cameras, natch. It wasn't a three-hour Kardashianesque fake fest.

Leah and Jeremy have had their issues, but she seems like she has always wanted what is best for her daughters. So I’m sure she put a lot of thought into this. At least 18 inches worth.

Is Leah saying her wedding "wasn't that smart" a bad sign?

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nonmember avatar Charla

How many inches from your head to your ass hole? Because she has serious butt in her hair. Pull your head from your ass chick!

Natasha Okpala

dis wedding was jus stupid and she shouldn't have gotten married again so quick. I give this a year and she'll be divorced again

Kassandra Schwartz

That's just dumb on her part. She is just 20. Why would you get married once, let alone, twice as a young adult/teen?

nonmember avatar Breanna

I think what Leah was trying to say was that it might not seem smart to others. But either way it's her life, and her decisions. She's young and in love. Leave her be.

coupo... coupon_ash_back

Not a good track record.

Breaks up with Robbie

Rebounds with Corey

Has kids with Corey, marries him

Cheats on Corey (ahem..twice) with Robbie

Breaks up with Corey

Gets With Jeremy

Gets pregnant with Jeremy's kid, miscarries

Marries Jeremy.


God, I hope this for MTV.

nonmember avatar Autumn

Her tweet about 18 inches is from Lauren Alaina's song "Eighteen Inches". It's almost an exact quote of the song. If the girls on the show are "broke" why would any of them try to have more kids? I would be embarrassed to have some of them as my mother.

nonmember avatar Elizabeth M.

I believe Leah was quoting a country song by Lauren Alaina titled "18 Inches".So please look at the song lyrics before you write an article about her.

nonmember avatar Miss Kelly

It's her life regardless. She isn't 15 anymore. She can get married 100 times if she wishes to.

nonmember avatar michelle

This artical was stupid its her life she should be able to do what she pleases good or bad choices . You guys i sure have lives of your own mind yoirs and stay out of hers nobodys perfect!

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