Jennifer Aniston’s Rumored Greek Reception Means the Wedding Race Is On!


It’s on bishes! Just a couple of weeks after Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announced their engagement, word has it that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are getting married. Supposedly Jen and Justin were checking out an exotic little hotel in Greece as a possible site for their wedding. Who even knew they were engaged? Why, only last week, they were about to break up, weren't they?

But of course they’re engaged, people. Wouldn’t you rush to the altar if your ex-husband and the woman he left you for were also headed down the aisle? There’s no way I’d let my wasband get away with that. As if! So let the wedding race begin!

So anyway, I imagine Jen was checking out the isle of Crete for her big day because she’s Greek. Crete also happens to be where Jen’s dad, soap actor John Aniston, was born.

The blabbermouth hotel source who spilled the beans says that Jen hasn’t exactly settled on his hotel for their nuptials but, hey, why not tell the press about it anyway? It’s great publicity, even if it does virtually guarantee that your little business is now out of the running.

Speaking of running, who will say their "I do"s first? Jen and Justin? Brad and Ange? If I were Jen, I’d be absolutely determined to get a ring on it first. Take that, Ange! If only the foursome would agree to let this all be filmed. It'd be like Amazing Race combined with Bridezillas.

Whether or not any of this is based in reality, it’s just the rumor we needed to keep the JenBrangelina triangle alive in our imaginations, and keep the tabloids scribbling away.

After the wedding race is over, then they can start the all-important baby race! Oh wait, Brangelina already won that one. Over and over and over.

So let's just concentrate on this stampede to get married. Place yer bets!

Who do you think will sprint -- I mean, walk -- down the aisle first?

Image via Joo Eun Song/Flickr

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Water... Water_geM

this is absolutely ridiculous. really people?


nonmember avatar Guest

How old are you? Not only has this rumor of a Greek wedding been out in the press for weeks after some Greek dude not related to Jen decided to get some attention by going on Greek TV and talking about this wedding, but it's been covered by US tabloids, including the National Enquirer and already been denied by Jen's rep weeks ago. It's also been denied yet again today. Why would people in their 40s be "racing" their ex to the alter? These are successful and accomplished people with far more to worry about then long ago exs. Get a grip. More than likely this was invented by tabloids just so that they can keep the triangle stories going because they sell mags and get site hits off of it.

FourD... FourDaughtersMI

That hotel just got a "win" for sure. lol. I'm already booking my next vacation there. ;)

nonmember avatar zoobygamez

Thanx for sharing all these wonderful Posts and Blog.I really like them and looking forward for the newposts.

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