There Is No Shame in Wanting a 'Wimpy' Man

In hard economic times, women prefer "wimpy" men, according to The Daily Mail. While the "science" makes sense -- we are looking for a more sensitive and loving man during hard times -- it seems crazy to call that "wimpy."

After all, who doesn't want a man who can show emotion, love deeply, and tune into his partner's emotions? Alpha males are great, but they don't make the best husbands.

Men's taste also changes during an economic downturn. They tend to prefer curvier women who are more maternal in appearance. It makes sense, but it's nice. If this is because of the economy, well, one side effect may be better marriages, it seems. 

Both sexes are looking for love and care and attention. They don't want to be bullied or lied to. They want softer, more loving marriages. What is wrong with that?

There is something insulting about the idea that a man has to be tough and mean to be masculine. Certainly as the wife of a man who is a little of both, I have to disagree.

There is something about a sensitive man. And it has nothing to do with insecurity or economic worries. But it's nice to know that my husband cares which friend is being a brat and who I am angry at that day.

I like that my husband is my best friend, and even though he can be very "male" (can't they all), he is generally in tune with my emotions and with his own. When he is down, I know it. There is no guesswork or trying to force him to talk. There is no working late without calls or insensitive "boys' nights" that keep me out of the loop.

Simply put: Sensitive men make better husband. All of the time. Not just in an economic downturn. Say what you will about men, but the best ones are the ones who manage to be both strong and masculine and caring and sensitive. Anything less doesn't deserve our time, ladies.

Do you like a more sensitive man?


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jessi... jessicasmom1

Yes! I think they are in touch with themselves and love their Mother.... which means a great deal to me


the4m... the4mutts

I wanted to comment on the part about men wanting curvier women in times of economic hardship.

I was told by a friend recently, that he was dating what he called "big girls" now, because the smaller ones expect more money, and right now, he doesn't have much to spare.

So I wouldn't get too "yippee!!" Over this.

Chances are, women are going to "wimps" because they are smarter, better educated, and make more of the allmighty dollar.

$$bling bling$$

ayers ayers

I think the curvier maternal thing is more likely because subconsciously ppl believe them to be more frugal..I know 'curvy' women that spend FAR more money then my friends who can still shop in the little girl section! Now on to the alpha male verses 'whimpy' males.. I have a husband who would be considered an alpha male. He's built like an ox, was a jock and got into a good deal of trouble ( and by good deal I mean A LOT) but when I first walked down the isle he gasped and cried the entire time, and is now the very best husband/father anyone could ask for. So I think the stereotypical lines have greatly blurred over time.

mamav... mamavaness

I love my husband! Hes a great mix of both! :)

Jscot... Jscott1216

My husband is a fantastic mix of tough guy but sensitive so like you said he cares about why I'm upset or how my day was. He's a great father and my best friend. He's just the right mix for me.

nonmember avatar B

Nope, I wanted a guy who would put his life in front of mine if he had to. I married a former marine who actually has put his well being aside to rescue me....twice. Never letting go of this one. :)

TheHare TheHare

Yes, and I resent anyone telling me why I got married. This reminds me of that stupid study that said women chose different men when they were on birth control. I was attracted to my man in every state of mind, thanks.

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