Mark Wahlberg's Bulging Muscles: Turn-On or Just Too Much? (PHOTOS)

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mark wahlbergBack before he scored accolades for his dramatic performance in Boogie Nights and became a big-shot behind the scenes in Hollywood, Mark Wahlberg was the hunky guy everyone knew for dropping his pants and showing off his tightie whities -- aka Marky Mark. It kills me that "kids these days" may not even remember that. But I totally do! Just as I was hitting puberty and starting to think about sex, I remember thinking Marky and his big muscles and silly pants-dropping show were laughable. It wasn't hot. But that was then, and this is (and this photo right here) is NOW.

All I have to say is ... check out that hot piece of man meat!! Wahlberg is pictured here in his skivvies on the set of Pain and Gain in Miami. He's playing a bodybuilder who gets caught up in an extortion ring and kidnapping scheme that goes wrong. Wuh-oh. But, honestly, who cares about the plot when you've got those bulging biceps to stare at?!

Okay, so maybe this ripped look isn't every lady's cup of tea ...

But here's my theory. The above kind of muscular "Popeye ... which way to the beach" look is only hot when it's just the natural product of a guy's attempt to take care of himself. Maybe I changed my mind since I was a tween, because, well, I outgrew my love for lanky blondies (Leonardo DiCaprio? Devon Sawa? Anyone?). But also because my fiance was in the best shape of his life just before we met thanks to being on an incredibly disciplined fitness kick and eating super clean. HOT! Seeing that his buffness is the natural progression of his dedication and taking care of his body is such a turn-on.

I would think most moms would agree. Who wouldn't want to be with a man who is obviously so focused and determined? You don't just end up looking like that overnight! A guy who looks like that clearly takes care of himself! (Not that we want a guy who takes too much care. No one wants a vain pretty boy!)

mark wahlberg pain and gainCheck it out again from the back ... Ooo ...

And you know, to me, it looks like Wahlberg looks the way he does because he works out and eats a smart, protein-packed, lean diet. What I mean is ... he doesn't look like one of those muscleheads you see on Jersey Shore who are probably guzzling weird shakes and who knows what else. That's something different entirely. But a guy who is ripped because he's just THAT healthy? Soooo sexy! Rawr!

Do you think muscular guys like Mark are hot or is the "Popeye" look too much?

Images via Jeff Steinberg/

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Rhond... RhondaVeggie

He isn't that muscular, just on the buff side of toned. When guys go crazy and get all veiny that's nasty but what woman wouldn't want a guy who takes care of himself? Better to be a bit buff than to have a beer belly.

angev... angevil53

one word...dayummm

yazzy91 yazzy91

Popeye? I've seen guys way better than this! Lol don't get me wrong he's hot and all lol but he's not even that ripped lol

Torra... TorranceMom

Wow! He looks phenomenal!

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