Incestuous 'Flowers in the Attic' Siblings Deserve Sympathy Not Sentencing

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Want to know what is really, really unsexy? Incest. Yep, I think even among those of us who have different sexual needs and desires and who like to mix it up, we can universally agree that brothers and sisters and fathers and daughters and mothers and sons is all kind of yucky, gross, and icky. But the laws that make it illegal are there for a reason. Clearly someone thought it wasn't very gross at all.

In Germany, a brother and sister who have four children together were just informed by a European court that their union is considered incest and that the conviction the brother faces for it still stands.

It's like the real life Flowers in the Attic, but gross as it is, I also see their point.

Unlike most brothers and sisters, Patrick Stuebing and Susan Karolewski had never even met until they were in their 20s. He had been placed in foster care as a child, so he only met his sister late in life. When they met, sparks flew.

OK, gross. I know. But, in this case, while I am not justifying it, I also think throwing him in jail (which is what happened) is a little abnormally harsh. This isn't the only time this has happened, either.

In 2011, a father and daughter who were reunited did the same thing. While yes, it's sick and kind of makes me want to throw my breakfast up, the fact is, these are consenting adults.

The reason incest is illegal is usually for the children, and in this case, their decision to have children did result in disabilities. So while their relationship itself isn't wrong, their decision to have children is.

The government really can't step in and regulate a couple of consenting adults. Sure, we would love to think that all people will make good decisions and not have children if they shouldn't, but it isn't up to the government to decide who can and can't love each other.

The fact is 99.9999999 percent of us are utterly repulsed by the idea of incest and those who aren't are not criminals. They are likely just lonely and in need of love and who knows what else. We should pity them and sympathize, not throw them in jail.

Do you think this couple deserved jail?


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Doubl... DoubleANBsMom

Actually the original author V. C. Andrews died years ago and someone else finished her book series.


nonmember avatar Lisa

Genetic Sexual Attraction, a real condition common in adoption cases. Look it up.

Sara Brotherton

If we all came from adam and eve... are we not all related anyway??

CPN322 CPN322

Ro - they knew they were siblings as that is how he found her.

Butterflymkm - "The ECHR said the German courts did not convict Karolewski, who is seven years younger than Stuebing, because she has a personality disorder and was 'only partially liable' for her actions."

Hali Marie Moran

Actually, siblings or blood relatives that have children have the same exact chance of having disabled children as anyone else that has children together.

Lilys... Lilysmomma84

gross yes .... it's worse personaly is when you grow up together , and the older stibling takes on the parent roll ... but never meeting , and then meeting in your 20's ... sparks flys you can't help who u love, and they had kids ... Jail .. WAY to DRAMATIC !!!!!! they are adults ,, what about people who had sperm doners for dads .. and meat a half sibling ... and get married and never relize there relater if they do should they divorice a happy life ... noo... what about my , i'm Adopted , what if i met a guy i LOVED .. and were deeply in love and i find out he's my brother , half brother something ... should i be ok with it but get my heart broken because it's agenst the law ... that doosent seem fair ... i think the law should be there to keep parents from taking advantage of childen in the home ... or siblings who grew up together from being toghter ... but jails excessive !!

CDMelty CDMelty

They're consenting adults. I understand the outrage over the disabled children but let me ask a question. Should it be illegal to have kids knowing they have a high probability of disability? Should it be illegal if you have a genetic condition? How about if you're older and the odds of Down Syndrome are higher? It inches towards eugenics to illegalize relationships because of the chance of disabled children. And it's in no way the government's job to tell consenting adults what they can do with other consenting adults. I think all incest laws need to be thrown out. We can stick with the child abuse laws we have for those instances and leave adults out of it.

thoug... thoughtaboutit

incest is sick no matter how you look at it.  i don't care if they weren't raised together - once they met and were introduced as brother and sister, they shouldn't have been even thiinking of eachother like that. 

mik1of3 mik1of3

Nothing like "Flowers In The Attic" unless THIS brother and sister were locked up in the attic for five years with only each other for companionship.


Meaghan Climis

Did they KNOW they were siblings when they met? Or was it an after the fact and they've already had children? 

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