20 Signs Your Guy May Be a Porn Addict

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We all like porn. Let me rephrase that: We all like porn if we're guys. As for the rest of us? Well, we like it too, coy as we may be about it. Whether we sneak a peek online when we're bored or use it as foreplay for those super steamy nights, a lot of us out there are looking at pornography. Come on. Admit it.

But the whole thing can turn ugly when a little porn habit becomes more than just a fun way to spruce up your sex life or pass the time once in a while.

Is your man a porn addict? Are you? Take a look at the following signs of a pornography addiction and see if any sound familiar.

1) His pornography use feels like it's out of control.

2) There is significant guilt associated with looking at porn.

3) He can't stop his pornography habit no matter how hard he tries.

4) He flies off the handle if someone asks him to tone down his use of porn.

5) Pornography consumes all his thoughts.

6) When he's not able to look at porn, fantasies about it fill his head. 

7) He hides - or tries to keep secret - his pornography habit.

8) He lives a porn-related double life.

9) He continues to use porn despite obvious negative consequences related to it -- i.e. getting fired for looking at pornography at work or ruining a romantic relationship because of excessive porn watching.

10) He routinely loses all track of time when looking at porn.

11) Pornography has caused significant emotional distance and an inability to be intimate in real interpersonal relationships. 

12) He finds himself having to look at more and more pornography for the same thrill he used to get with less.

13) He becomes deeply embarrassed if and when his pornography is discovered and may go as far as to claim it's "not his."

14) He uses porn as a way to cope with life stresses.

15) He'd rather watch pornography than be intimate.

16) He'd rather look at porn than go out with friends. 

17) He becomes oddly rough or demanding when you do have sex.

18) He seems distant during sex.

19) Your once thriving sex life has taken a drastic nose dive.

20) He suddenly begins to criticize your appearance, implying you aren't sexy enough.

What are some other signs of a pornography addiction?

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Amand... AmandaSnyder

I honestly can not stand porn I hate it.

Saphi... SaphireLiz

Switch this all to video games and you have my husband

nonmember avatar Lovemycoastie

Does it count as an addiction if it's photos of me I took for him?

nonmember avatar Shannon

Ummm, not all guys like porn. I wish people would quite perpetuating that myth.

nonmember avatar DMan

You need to replace number 1 and 2 with:

1. When she has no creativity and thinks sex is a favor.
2. When she's absolutely boring and you just can't help it.

nonmember avatar Willie

What a shocker...a woman wrote this article and older women are commenting.


nonmember avatar MansOpinion

All wrong, replace porn with eating or weight and you'll see it's all wrong.

From a guys point of view most is totally off the mark.

Here's a few reasons.

1) Her point of view, not his. Guys like sex, sports, danger, competing, etc. Porn is a form of sex.

2) Society imposes guilt associated with naked bodies in general. Go into a locker room, bar, or other majority male environment and you'll see no guilt associated with sex/porn/naked bodies.

3) Her point of view, not his - Why should you stop something that is enjoyable and is not hurting anyone?

4) Sounds more like fustration at a jealous woman who want's to control her guy.

5) Sex consumes all guys thoughts.

6) Guys always have fantasies, sexual ones are the best. See that babe walking down the street.....

I could go thru the whole list and refute each and every one but you get the idea.

And that last comment by Shannon "...Ummm, not all guys like porn...) is either your fantasy or the guys you know don't want to offend you, and if you do have guy friends they all want to have sex with you, don't believe me then test them by saying you want string free sex with them and they will all give it a shot including the gay ones. Again see reason #2 for they why (it's not PC)

nonmember avatar john

I second that NOT all men like pornography, I have been happily married for 25 years and I DESPISE pornography.

nonmember avatar Yolanda

I hate pornography! Pornography addiction ended my 27 year marriage, it depleted our bank accounts, and it made me feel like I wasnt doing something right.I used think porn was okay, it was just a fantasy. But now with the internet its just plain old prostitution! You have the pimp that hides behind a company name. He gets his cut right off the top. Then some loser clicks on a picture of a porn model "prostitute" then she gets paid.And now the person that you thought you knew is in a full fledged sex act in front of a webcam!

nonmember avatar Skeptica

Seems more like signs of a simple minded jerk than an addict.

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