20 Signs He Is Definitely a Player

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We've all been there. We've all wanted to believe that the guy we're kinda into isn't what he seems to be: a player. It's easy to fall for a player - they're always saying the right things at the right time. Players are often pretty irresistible, which why they behave the way they do.

In order to help you decide if your guy is a player, here are some things you should look for ...

1) He only texts you after 11 p.m. - and it's always for a booty-call.

2) He doesn't actually listen to you when you talk about anything going on in your life.

3) He doesn't care if you're having a bad day.

4) He's not into hanging out with you - unless it's a booty call. 

5) He's as smooth as butter - always saying the right thing at the right time.

6) You've never met his friends.

7) He's not interested in meeting yours.

8) There's only a 50-50 chance he'll actually show up for anything you guys have planned to do.

9) He's always got some excuse as to why he can't meet up for dinner or a movie. But if it's a booty-call, he's all over it. Literally.

10) You're not even sure he knows your number - you're the one who has to call and text him.

11) He alludes to wanting a relationship -- at least, he does until he's gotten his rocks off. Then he's out the door.

12) He's overly confident - cocky, even. He knows he's got game and he's not afraid to use it to get what he wants.

13) He divides his time among a lot of chicks, so he'll slip up sometimes and get bits of your life wrong (What do you mean you hate orange? It's your favorite color!). Because he confuses you with other girls.

14) He's never without his phone - even in the bathroom.

15) He has a couple of different phones.

16) He's married but "separated." Whenever you ask him about his divorce, he clams up or makes excuses as to why they're still living together. 

17) You've never been to his house: He comes to yours. If you ask about it, he'll make up all kinds of excuses for why your place is better (his house is being fumigated, remodeled - anything).

18) There are no names alongside the numbers on his cell phone. 

19) He never calls you by your name - just a pet name like "Baby." This way, he can't get it wrong. 

20) All conversations with him have a sexual undertone.

What are some other signs that he's a player?

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ajohn... ajohnson6636

I can spot a player a mile away.  I am glad I am out of the dating pool and married because there are so many players out there and they think their game is the best.  They don't fool me.confused

Mrscj... Mrscjones

Those are not signs he's a player. Those are more signs of you being a side piece and not knowing it for whatever reason.

nonmember avatar Astra

Why are we always lookign for a serious relationship. be a player and play. If something has to develop it will only over sometime. That is the date game.

nonmember avatar Ken

^^^ Now that's a woman who gets it or at least I think that is a woman posting that and not some dude sitting on a couch eating fried chicken with stains on his shirt.

Amantle Amantle

That's true most of players do that.

nonmember avatar Anonymous

You left off the biggest sign/RED FLAG:

Your crush can text message you constantly back and forth to the point where you all are almost writing books via text to one another, so you deside to pick up the phone and call to make thinks easier with communication. You get his voice mail and he continues to text message you immediately after as though you never called. More than likely he's with some other chick while this is happening.

Anony... Anonymous421


His form of communication with you is usually late at night and via text.  He can always text message you to the point where he's pretty much writing you a book via text but if you decide to just pick up the phone and call to make communication easier you almost always get his voicemail and immediately after your call he goes right back to text messaging as if you never called and with no justification as to why he can't answer.  This is more than likely because he's with another chick at the same time while communicating with you via text...This new age of Technology definitely has its Pros and Cons...   

nonmember avatar Kym

You realize your boyfriend knows a lot about current movies from his many disappearing acts where you now know he spends in motel rooms with various hook ups he lines up all over the place

Promise Mathebula

ladies we must tell our partner to call us with our names, to advoid been call wth other woman's name, laugh# u wil find that he have many girlfrnd and he cal u joyce n dats nt ur name

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