18 Types of Men You Must Date Before Getting Married

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shadows menThe reason women date many men before they get married is because we need to try them on for size. Marriage is for life -- at least we'd like it to be -- so sampling the different types before settling on just one is imperative. Some marry the first guy they kiss and that's it. But for many of us, dating around helps. And it helps us feel less slutty to think we are just on the hunt for Mr. Right even if it takes many, many men before we find that one.

You don't have to date 18 men prior to marriage (but you can and should if you want to!). Some guys posess many of these traits. These different types can help you weed out the personalities you absolutely cannot deal with. You may also find a nice combo of traits you never knew turned you on. Plus, the different scenarios that come with dating different kinds of men is a learning that you can apply to the guy you do end up marrying should that trait pop up. Here are the 18 types of men you should date before you get married.

  1. The musician. He loves his music and may sometimes choose the groove over you. Something all women who date music men must deal with. The sex is usually great, too, so that's an added bonus.
  2. The mountain man. Can an outdoorsy type of guy find true love and harmony with a city girl in heels? Only one way to find out.
  3. The hippie. Dude. You should find out if you love tie-dye tapestries as curtains and the smell of patchouli before you take the plunge.
  4. The skater. This could also be the surfer, snowboarder, or motorcycle man ... any guy into extreme types of sports. Many of these guys are tough on the outside, super sweet on the inside.
  5. The gamer. Sharing your guy with a remote control takes a special kind of woman.
  6. The corporate type. Never say never, even if you are an indie DIY type.
  7. The skinny guy. Some women love being with a guy thinner than they are. Some really don't.
  8. The overweight guy. Never ever discount a guy because of his weight. He could lose it and get healthier. And being with a guy much bigger than you makes you feel really petite. And he often tries harder in the bedroom.
  9. The asshole. Just because you need to get this type out of your system. And being with a jerk prepares you for those moments when Mr. Right acts like a poopstain.
  10. The older guy. Too mature or just right?
  11. The younger guy. Age may or may not be nothing but a number.
  12. The nerd. I think they can be kinky.
  13. The guy with a lot of money. You deserve to be spoiled and know what it's like to live without worrying about rent.
  14. The guy with no money. It's humbling and savvy to know what it's like to live worried about rent and what to eat. Makes you stronger.
  15. The weirdo. Kink factor here again, but he could also be a deep thinker and make you expand your mind.
  16. The guy who has a kid. A glimpse into what a guy could be like when he's a dad. A peek into parenthood can make you learn a whole lot.
  17. The wimpy type. If you can kill spiders, then the wimpy guy might be a good match for you. But it's good to find out if this quality irks you or not.
  18. The macho type. Makes some women swoon, others cringe.

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Did you date these types before marriage? Working on it now? How many traits on this list does your man have?

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Boobo... Boobookittt74

Oh is that how it works? I just dated the asshole repeatedly! Hahahaha I crack myself up! Anyways, I wasn't and still am not interested in musician , mountain man, skater etc. but did try older younger, waaaay younger,and guy with kids and I do agree that trying out different types helps u narrow down what u do and don't want. Sometimes u don't even really know u DON'T want something till it comes along. Definately learned that one!!

nonmember avatar blh

The asshole is the story of my life but I think I've finally gotten it out of my system ha.

mytra... mytrailsend

Younger was definitely nice, bad boys drive me crazy but I ended up with the skinny guy, who is the best in bed and caters to my every need, I am one lucky gal!

HaiDanni HaiDanni

ive been with overweight guy - he does his best to make sure you "get there". Ive been with skinny guy - ick, not for me. Ive been with older, and ass hole, and no money, and tons of money. Ive been with gamer, and daddy, and nerd and wimp. Same guy, incidentally. I liked him, but we werent a good match, personally. My husband is an extreme sports (cage fighting), skating, hippie, macho alpha male. And my soulmate.

tonip... toniperoni

done and done :-) except for the hippy mountain man - I fell heady over heels fo one of these at 17, we even went on a date but I was so niave I thought he just wanted to be a friend and as he was 24 he was way too much of a gentleman to make a move duh. no guy Idated would have had a chance if he'd come knocking. New my partner was the one because i got over this guy once i met him

Homeb... HomebirthFTW

These overlap so heavily, the same guy could be 5 of these.

Mandago Mandago

"The overweight guy" was just offensive. If I read an article where a man urged other men to date overweight women for those reasons, it would make me really angry.

RaSha Tariq

the guy i am dating at the moment has 9/18 traits similar...
don't have patience to experience the other 50%

Melis... Melissa042807

I dated a few different "types" of guy before I met the husband - a lot of them shared a lot of those traits. But, funny thing, most of the guys I dated for any length of time...were from Texas. Explain that to me. It's not like I went looking for guys from Texas! It just sort of happened. 

Melis... Melissa1508

Wow, way to push your spam onto folks Wade.  Whatever.  I dated almost all of the guys on this list and I think my husband is a good mixture of almost all of them (except wimpy, overweight, and asshole, not that overweight would deter me from dating him).  I'm just glad he's not an asshole!  haha

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