Jessica Dorrell Ruined Her Wedding for Old Bobby Petrino & His Bike

Bobby PetrinoGoogle the name Jessica Dorrell today and you get stories about the 25-year-old woman's alleged affair with Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino -- and also her wedding registry at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Or what you would suppose is her wedding registry, because how many Jessica Dorrells are engaged to Josh Morgans? It's possible that the All-Clad 4-piece multi-cooker for $150 and the Waterford "Carrina Essence" stemware at $80 each are the stuff of dreams of some other engaged couple of the same names. But it doesn't diminish the fact that this Dorrell is also engaged and also very much the subject of the latest sports scandal by allegedly having a relationship with a much older and prominent University of Arkansas sports figure that is married with four children. The whole thing is blowing up as we speak and couldn't get any messier, except for one thing ...

Dorrell and Morgan's engagement photos have also hit the web. If the registry is in fact theirs, their wedding was planned for June 9, just two months away. How sorry do you feel for Morgan right now? What a way to find out that his relationship wasn't what he thought it was. One site has even photo-shopped the face of Petrino over the face of Morgan to bill them as "the Dorrell-Petrino engagement photos." Internet trolls have also attacked Dorrell's online wedding page, forcing her to take it down.

Petrino has already admitted to the "previous inappropriate relationship" with Dorrell, who happened to be on the back of his motorcycle when he crashed it Sunday night. Dorrell, a former student, volleyball player, and employee at the university, was recently hired by Petrino to work directly under him in his football program.

Her fiance Josh Morgan also works at the university, as director of swimming and diving operations for the Razorbacks. Classy.

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No one has heard a peep from Dorrell or Morgan. I am sure they are pretty much in relationship hell right now. Petrino is pretty banged up, no one has seen Dorrell yet, so lord knows what kind of physical shape she is in. Can't imagine she left the scene unscathed judging from Petrino's mangled face and neck. She had to sustain some type of injury and how the heck would she explain that away to her fiance?

But perhaps the bigger question here is how Dorrell could find herself in this situation in the first place. It's easy to understand Petrino's motive for entering into the relationship -- Petrino is, well, a guy, and Dorrell is young, blonde, and gorgeous, as well as an athlete.

But Dorrell seemed to have such a bright future ahead. She's so young, engaged to a hunky swimmer, has a great job, er, well. You would have thought she was all grown up now and would use that college-educated brain of hers. But relationships and attraction are a befuddling thing. But not more befuddling than the thought that Dorrell might have invited her boss to her wedding (ya think?).

That's probably not on Dorrell's "problem" list anymore because when everything shakes itself out and Dorrell is done "explaining things," I can't imagine that Morgan is going to be sticking around for that that long. Lucky for him he found out when he did, I guess. Can't say the same for Petrino's wife, unfortunately.

Do you think that Morgan should break off the engagement or is it worth salvaging?

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nonmember avatar rosie

She was already cheating on him before they were married, what would happen if they DID get married? A liar and a cheater...not a person you'd want to be your life partner. Dorrell and Petrino are only sorry they got caught and made it to national news. Welcome to the douchebag club with all the other cheaters. I just feel sorry for Morgan and Petrino's family for finding out this way.

nonmember avatar Aku

I agree...If she cheated then she'd cheat as a "wife". End it now and get out before she hurts you more dude. You deserve so much better than a cheap skank

nonmember avatar Dr Joe

If they'll step out WITH ya, they'll step out ON ya. Deposit bimbo in curbside trash and move on, Josh....

nonmember avatar Mark

I heard she was tossing his salad. That's why they crashed.

nonmember avatar Vincent investigated her bridal registry? That's journalism at it's best.

nonmember avatar C.T.

My guess. Dorrell was just setting up the sexual harassment lawsuit that would net her a quick retirement account. Petrino was playing the part of a fool.

nonmember avatar d

I know Arkansas is a$$ backward but jeez...the guy looks more like a hog than the mascot. What was that girl thinking? Her parents must be so proud of their little girl.

nonmember avatar cyclone fan

Do you have Dorrell's phone number? I would love to get some of that baby back razorback.

nonmember avatar jason

was recently hired by Petrino to work directly under him in his football program.....Bet she worked under him and on him!!!

jessi... jessicasmom1

eww .. this smells fishy .. I don't know much about them but all I can say cheaters don't go well in my life.

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