Did Rush Limbaugh’s ‘Slut’ Rant Send Tremors Through His Own Marriage?

sticks and stonesRemember when Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a slut? Feels like forever ago, but the repercussions from his name-calling are still rolling in. It's been reported that Rush's wife Kathryn is threatening to leave him over the hateful words he's said. Apparently, she doesn't like being associated with him now that he's bad-mouthed a woman. This bit of gossip is coming from the National Enquirer, and even though it may be totally made up, I think it raises an interesting point about the power of words.

We're taught as kids that sticks and stones break bones and that words never hurt, but as adults, we learn all too fast that a biting phrase here or a subtle put-down there can be just as painful as a rock to the freakin' forehead.

If you think about it, most marriages or relationships end because of words, or a lack thereof. Extreme cases of verbal abuse aside, a lot of couples start to deteriorate when they take their frustrations out on one another with underhand comments that are intended to sting. It can be as simple as a sarcastic laugh or as obvious as a direct insult, but hurtful words of any nature can only be tolerated for so long. Soon enough, one person is going to snap and realize they can't take it anymore.

And not talking, well, that can be just as damaging. Keeping all those emotions inside, bottled up, is like sitting on a ticking time bomb -- at some point it's going to explode and shit's going to fly everywhere.

The happy medium, of course, is good communication. It's easier said than done, but even setting aside one hour every two weeks to have a sort of "state of the union" talk can mean the difference between a happily ever after and a divorce.

If Kathryn is indeed pissed, she has every right to be. Words hurt, and just like a scrape on the knee, they can lead to pain and scarring, despite a good Band-Aid.

Do you place an emphasis on communicating in your relationship?


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nonmember avatar Emme

I personally think that words can hurt worse than sticks, stones or even broken bones because it'll heal. But the damage words can cause can stay with you forever.

And, yes, I'm all about communication. I always want to make sure that my husband and I are on the same page, that he knows what's going on with me and I know what's going on with him. And if I'm a raging b*tch, I apologize and explain why, lol.

TugBo... TugBoatMama

Its tough to effectively communicate when your partner never takes you seriously. After awhile you give up and and think "What's the frickin' point if I'm talking to a brick wall?"

Karis... Karissa_S

I would love to have open communication in my relationship, but my husband feels like only he can have the idea and I always get put down so it's easier to keep our thoughts separate.

gapea... gapeach0513

I think communication is essential to making a relationship work.  My husband, on the other hand, not so much.  He either completely shuts down and goes comatose or explodes with anger and says a whole mess of things he can't take back and later regrets.  Some of those words have been extremely hurtful, and like someone else said, physical injuries heal, while verbal insults stay with us.

I'm to the point now, and have been for a few years now, where I hesitate to even talk to him because I don't know what his reaction is going to be.  He's either going to get pissed at me for even bringing a subject up, or he's going to give me the silent treatment.  Either way, it sucks, and I feel like we're doomed.  We have SO many issues that we need to work through, but if we can't communicate about them, they're never going to get solved.  It's a vicious cycle...

LoveM... LoveMyViolet

Heck, I couldn't even have a simple conversation last night with my husband about swimming lessons for his daughter. He felt that watching MSNBC was much more important. Sad to say it, but I get more accomplished with him through emails during the day. 

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