Live Country Music Awards Wedding Was a Total Gimmick (VIDEO)

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Martina McBride serenades NJ couple marrying on stage at ACM awards
Real couple marries at ACM Awards.
My parents have joked that the best way to handle our current wedding planning drama is for my fiance and me to hop a plane to Las Vegas and get married ASAP. Although that kind of impromptu wedding probably isn't realistic for us, it seems like it was for another New Jersey couple who got married last night. They said "I will" on stage at The ACM Awards 2012! Wild!

The couple, Christina Davidson and Frank Tucci, were wed right behind Martina McBride and Train's Pat Monahan, as they performed McBride's adapted version of Train's song "Marry Me." And the ACM Awards audience heard the bride and groom's "I will"s and saw their first kiss as a married couple. Wow, talk about tying the knot in an unconventional way ... 

The lovebirds were actually hand-picked by McBride from a group of candidates to participate in the spectacle ... which was an honor, I guess? Obviously, I'm not sold on the idea. For one, it feels like a total gimmick to hook higher ratings. (After all, the stunt was no surprise. It was widely publicized prior to the show.) Also, for just about any couple, wouldn't getting hitched on national TV, in front of millions of people you don't know at all feel more like a nightmare than a dream? The reality is that their families watched from home, too -- just like those millions of viewers who didn't know Christina and Frank from Eve and Adam. How unfortunate is that?

But hey, I guess Christina and Frank are big country fans? And if this was the kind of wedding that made them happy, more power to them! They definitely deserve to be blissful. Before finding one another, both had lost their spouses. (Christina's husband Paul drowned in 2009, and Frank's wife died of thyroid cancer that same year.) Soon thereafter, Christina formed a support group for young widows and widowers, which is where she met Frank. Details that made their romantic backstory all the more appealing to the ACM Awards, I'm sure ...

Here's a clip of the couple in the press room backstage after they took their vows. (Taking questions from reporters -- gee, that's an interesting way to start a marriage!)

What do you make of this on-stage wedding -- weird or wonderful?


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bills... billsfan1104

Why say anything at all? If it made them happy, why is it any of your concern? Why do you have to be so damn snarky

ashjo85 ashjo85

I think that is something they will never forget. Good for them.

nonmember avatar lili

skeptic article. they found happiness through a very dark period in their life.

MrsCh... MrsChurch

It's sweet. Now they can throw a big party to celebrate with family and friends. More power to them.

Melis... Melissa042807

Gimmick? Maybe. Absolutely without a doubt totally sweet? Yes. :-) 

LoriA... LoriAnn87

It was beautiful and they will never forget there wedding day. It was really sweet them finding happiness and love again after losing there love ones.

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