Twi-Hard Couple Takes 'Breaking Dawn' Wedding Way Too Far (VIDEO)

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breaking dawn wedding sceneSome people love Twilight. Some people love it so much that they're undoubtedly labeled Twi-Hards. And then you got Andy Weeks & Abigail Kirk, a couple who has taken Twilight fandom to an entirely new level. Abigail had read the series about six times each and seen all the films, but once she saw Breaking Dawn: Part 1, she decided that she definitely wanted to make her February nuptials to Andy resemble Edward and Bella's "I do"s in the film. And she wasn't playing around!

Abigail went to great lengths to have her florist design bouquets as similar as possible to the flowers featured in the movie, the tables at the reception were named for various vampire covens, their wedding featured music from the Breaking Dawn soundtrack, and at the last minute, she tracked down a replica of Bella's dress. But none of these details could even come close to the ultimate tribute the couple paid to Stephenie Meyers' story ...

They changed their last name to Cullen. OMG. Yes, they really, truly did. WOW. Will people stop at nothing?!

Abigail explained:

It started out as a joke. I never liked Andy’s last name ... and wasn’t excited about taking it on, but he felt strongly that we share the same last name. One evening as we were planning the big day, he said, ‘Let’s change it to Cullen,’ and it sort of stuck. We know plenty of people who have blended their surnames together, and although it’s kind of off the wall, it suits us.

Alright, I totally understand being so into something from pop culture that you want to weave it into your wedding ... "Weave" being the key word. Because isn't a wedding supposed to be unique, a testament to who you and your husband are as individuals and a couple -- not a direct rip-off of something from a film? What's more, to actually change your last name to that of fictional vampires?! You have got to be kidding! That is just taking it way too far.

I'm really surprised that Andy went along with it (he's never even read the books!), but it certainly shows the guy must really love and want to please his wife. Good for them. May the Cullens have a long, happy (albeit kooky) marriage!

Here's some scoop on the dress design Abigail nabbed and wore as she became Mrs. Cullen ...


Do you agree this bride took her love for Twilight a bit too far?


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Sierr... SierraLynn

Lmao. That's just odd. Not the wedding part, but the name part. Good lord.

the4m... the4mutts

That's dumb as shit.

Btw, the description of the dress in the books, didn't match the dress she got for the movie.

So fan Failure on this couple's part.

Ps. Twilight is for teenagers. I read the entire series, so that I knew if it was approperiate for my 8 yr old son who wanted to read it.

All but the last book was fine, but luckily, he started book 1, read 5 chapters, said "this is lame" and went to play with some legos & barbies.

nonmember avatar Cameron's Mom

Who doesn't love twilight im crazy about it doesn't really matter what age you are! If u don't like it who cares ( shrugs) I think the wedding part was ok but changing last name to Cullen? Whoa they went to far

Water... Water_geM

damn crazy twilight people..

Water... Water_geM

but who am io to judge i wanted a dress that looked liek buffys.

Felip... FelipesMom

That is crazy, totally insane, and definitely too far!! 

...and it is also NOT MY WEDDING. So, MY opinion on how crazy it is? TOTALLY IRRELEVANT.

For these two crazy kids, I think it was AWESOME. They obviously really wanted to do it - this isn't the kind of thing you do in any kinda sorta way!! HOORAY FOR MR. AND MRS. CULLEN!!!!!!!

Lokis... LokisMama

Wow. Yeah, I think it's a little nuts. But hey, whatever floats your boat, so long as I don't have to row it.

nonmember avatar jellybeanqueen

These people are absolute dorks.

Angie Ashmore Mavity

I agree that Bella and Edward's wedding was my dream wedding. Absolutely gorgeous, breath-taking, and just overall perfect. But no, I would not change my last name to Cullen. I am a huge fan of the saga, but I would not go that far.

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