7 Sexy Ways to Have a Super Sexy Night

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Sometimes, after a long day of work or caring for children, the very idea of sex can make you feel even MORE tired. But sex factors in to so many parts of a relationship that it's important to keep the spark alive.

Here are some easy sexy tips for a sexy night.

Pick up some massage oil from your local bath and body shop for a nice, sexy, naked massage after a hard day. For a special treat, have your partner use it on you. 

Buy new sheets for your bed. Try satin or another sexy color-fabric combination -- like red cotton sheets -- for a fresh feel in your old bed.

Make sure your undercarriage is groomed. Doesn't matter if you wax or shave, just make sure it's nice and neat for your sexy night.

Buy some new lingerie. Even discount stores like Target and Walmart sell it -- and sometimes it's even cute! Pick up a couple of pairs of new sexy undies and toss those huge granny panties back into your closet (or burn them, as the case may be). 

Set up a nice romantic bath for the two of you. Turn out the lights, light some candles, pour some good-smelling bubble bath into the tub, and take a nice relaxing bath together.

Find some finger food and feed each other in the bedroom (I'm thinking strawberries or chocolate -- not pad Thai), or wherever you plan to get busy.

Send some racy texts to your partner throughout the day to get him in the mood. 

Any other sexy tips for a sexy night?

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nonmember avatar renae

Sure, these things are easy to accomplish to indeed have a super sexy night if you look like the couples that are always in the pics. Its seems every article EVER written about having a sexy anything always has a pic of two people that would never have worries about how to pull off being sexy. How bout an article for those who struggle with "sexy mentality" and NOT use a pic that in fact makes us feel less sexy than we already were... just a thought

nonmember avatar Renay

What are you referring to there is no pic of a sexy couple? Looks like the author did exactly what you are requesting!

nonmember avatar Rosie

Slowly spread you arms apart about one to three seconds
maximum, then gently push/hold until you feel a little sore, but
you'll also feel invigorated and will leave with serenity in both body and spirit. Gently moving your hands to Body Rub the large muscles of the hamstring.

nonmember avatar Natalie

I don't know about you, but we toyed with it off and you can enjoy the massage in the same room. Una processo psicoterapeutico, eppure grazie a esso intervengono cambiamenti psicologici. Although we experience intrinsic aging -- which is the best iteration of Touch Wiz that we've used so
far. I generally use a fair bit of time, seldom will there be time for pampering and relaxing services while you can press a button.

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