New Study Uncovers Men's Surprising Sexual Position Preference

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favorite sexual positionDo you want to know what sexual position men prefer? You do, don't you. That's maybe why Esquire posed the question to their readers and published the results last week. The outcome wasn't too surprising, but there was one little tidbit of data that caught my eye. It wasn't that 14 percent of married men have had at least one sexual encounter with another man, though that was an eyebrow raiser, it was that 28 percent of the dudes who actually took the time to fill out the survey said that their favorite posish is missionary style. Well well well.

Would you look at that. To be honest, I'm not surprised surprised, but listen. How many times have you seen headlines on the covers of magazines say something like, "How to Spice Up Your Sex Life!" or "Ways to Make Your Man Go Crazy!" or "This New Position Will Save Your Marriage!" You've probably even seen a headline or two like that on this very site. But according to the Esquire study, all 28 percent of us have to do is lay back and relax.

That said, 30 percent of men prefer their lady friend on top, facing them (as opposed to not facing them, just to be clear). Another 26 percent like doing it doggie style, and the others waffle around doing it while in the spoon position, or standing up, or the reverse cowgirl.

The takeaway here, ladies, is we don't need the LATEST HOTTEST NEWEST AWESOMEST MOST-IMPROVED COOLEST sex position out there to keep things exciting in the boudoir. There are only three positions that guys are apparently really into, despite what Cosmo, Glamour, or any other publication has to say. Three. 

Kind of refreshing, no?


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nonmember avatar Jezza

14% admit to being with another man. To me that is the same as saying 14% admit to being gay. IMO the percentage is way higher than that. Yes it is normal for a heterosexual to be grossed out by the thought of gay sex. But, many men will fake that response, because most men do not care what sex they get their sex from.

nonmember avatar Jezza

For you city snobs, metrosexual means the guy spends more time grooming, primping, plucking, mosturizing, color cordinating and shaving than the average woman does.

Brett Delong

Mind you that it wasn't 14% of men that had a gay experience (however they define that). It was 14% of male Esquire readers which actually sounds a bit low. I think the real number is closer to 80%.

Brett Delong

A gay male encounter was reported by 14% of Esquire readers, not 14% of the population as a whole..

nonmember avatar Rick

Brett, gay men do not speak for all men. The only thing you and I have in common is that we were born male so don't speak for me. You and Jezza are seriously delusional if you think most men want to or have had sex with other men. I understand the need to feel apart of society, but stop projecting your homosexual feelings onto the rest of the population. Even if the idea comforts you, it's just wishful thinking on your part. I honestly feel like the heterosexual male is the most misunderstood human on Earth. As simple as we think we are, the comments on here show that women and gays haven't the slightest clue how our minds and bodies work. My sexuality isn't anymore chosen than yours. The suggestion that homosexuality is a choice is generally accepted as ignorant and bigoted, as it should be. So why is ok to view heterosexuality as chosen? I'm in no way shape or form a homophobe, but let's be honest gays are a miniority for a reason: most dudes just don't find other dudes sexually attractive. Ignorance runs both ways. It's not ok in any form.

Occupy Wallstreet


devin... devinkayne

If a man will admit to a sexual encounter w/ another man... well, he's gay. Plain and simple. ( as long as it wasn' against his will). I like variety when it comes to sex, positions, etc.  I think they would have had a lot different results if they surveyed a real mans mag like "Guns and Ammo" or "Soldier of Fortune".  Destiny, you go girl.  Woman on top, Doggie,   :-)

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