New Study Uncovers Men's Surprising Sexual Position Preference

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favorite sexual positionDo you want to know what sexual position men prefer? You do, don't you. That's maybe why Esquire posed the question to their readers and published the results last week. The outcome wasn't too surprising, but there was one little tidbit of data that caught my eye. It wasn't that 14 percent of married men have had at least one sexual encounter with another man, though that was an eyebrow raiser, it was that 28 percent of the dudes who actually took the time to fill out the survey said that their favorite posish is missionary style. Well well well.

Would you look at that. To be honest, I'm not surprised surprised, but listen. How many times have you seen headlines on the covers of magazines say something like, "How to Spice Up Your Sex Life!" or "Ways to Make Your Man Go Crazy!" or "This New Position Will Save Your Marriage!" You've probably even seen a headline or two like that on this very site. But according to the Esquire study, all 28 percent of us have to do is lay back and relax.

That said, 30 percent of men prefer their lady friend on top, facing them (as opposed to not facing them, just to be clear). Another 26 percent like doing it doggie style, and the others waffle around doing it while in the spoon position, or standing up, or the reverse cowgirl.

The takeaway here, ladies, is we don't need the LATEST HOTTEST NEWEST AWESOMEST MOST-IMPROVED COOLEST sex position out there to keep things exciting in the boudoir. There are only three positions that guys are apparently really into, despite what Cosmo, Glamour, or any other publication has to say. Three. 

Kind of refreshing, no?


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Destiny Hall Lewis

Yeah, the only thing that caught my eye was that 14% of married men admitted to being gay, read that to my husband and he about threw up. *giggle* WOW! Then again most men I know read playboy, or pent house, and the only ones I know that read Esquire are of the metrosexual type and they are pretty much on the fence, the jury is still out sister... Rachel Zoe's husband anyone? The rest? Men like it whatever way they get it, period. Thus the pretty close numbers on position preference. So all in all this isn't shocking.

Samal... Samallama

Destiny Hall Lewis makes a good point about where they're getting their data. I too find it hard to belive that 14% of men have had a sexual encounter with another man. I don't think it's gross, or wrong, I just think it's a surprising number and I would like to know how/where they got the men to take the survey. 

nonmember avatar Cee

Wow, Destiny so all the men you know are pretty much illiterate misogynists that look at "the pretty pictures"? or just immature 13 year olds that sneak into their dad's closet.

Your husband might be a combination of both since his response was pretty childish.

nonmember avatar Sabrina

14% did not admit to "being gay."

14% admitted to having (at some point in their history, not necessarily recently) a sexual encounter with another man. This could mean at one point they were confused, that they are bisexual, or even that they were tricked into recieving oral sex from a transvestite. In other words, that statistic is meaningless.

Rissa... Rissa2008

missionary style woman on top facing man is more intimate and romantic.

Torra... TorranceMom

My husband is a "Man's man" and wouldn't be caught dead reading Esquire. The reading material by his bedside consists of the Snap On catalog, Mechanical Engineering Magazine, Guns & Ammo and the King James Bible.

jessi... jessicasmom1

woman on top facing man :-)

Destiny Hall Lewis

Yes Cee you hit it on the head. My husband is a super immature illiterate misogynist that holds a Bachelors degree, 2 Masters, and a PHD... **eyeroll**  I realize also that this day and age it's not OK to be grossed out by the thought of two men gettin it on. I suppose the fact that the way I said it to him may have had more to do with the "gag me" he responded with. I believe what I said to him was "HEY BABE!!! Did you know 14% of married men admitted to bumpin uglies with another dude at some point... Doesn't it make you wonder if any of that 14% are..... (named a few friends)?" I got the exact response I was looking for. I suppose for those so tightly wound they could pop a diamond out of their rump that may seem immature. Whatever... I call it a sense of humor. Might help if you got one.

MomLi... MomLily67

hahaha!! so we now can relax and not think of  "new ways" to spice it up. No more back pain after the sexy delight.

nonmember avatar JaneDWill

Reading comprehension is severely lacking here. 14% of the married men SURVEYED BY THE MAGAZINE had homosexual encounters. Not 14% overall. Any magazine has a specific target audience so numbers can really only be indicative of that demographic. This is true of any magazine survey, no matter the topic. You ladies weren't too good with statistics or numbers, huh?

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