Ali Landry's Secret to Marriage Success Is Recipe for Sexual Misery (VIDEO)

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ali landry on wendy williams"Doritos Girl" and former Miss USA Ali Landry earned an incredible amount of sympathy from ladies across the nation back in '04 after she found out that BF of six years and DH of several weeks Mario Lopez had cheated on her just days before they said "I do." But that was then, and now, Landry's happily married to director Alejandro Monteverde, and I guess in an effort to promote her new show, Hollywood Girls Night, the 38-year-old is dishing about what she and Monteverde were missing when they wed: A sex life.

Yup. Landry recently told Wendy Williams, "Because of the situation I was in before, I was just treading lightly, and did not want to make any mistakes in this relationship. We abstained from having sex until we got married."

Give. Me. A. Break.

First of all, doesn't Landry realize you can't be a "virgin" twice? Ha. Second, I understand the woman was burned all sorts of badly, and she didn't want to "make any mistakes," but NOT having sex before you make a life-long commitment to be someone's spouse sounds like the biggest mistake I could ever imagine a man or woman making! As Samantha Jones once put it when counseling Charlotte after she waxed poetic about waiting until her wedding day to have sex with first hubby Trey, "Honey, before you buy the car, you take it for a test drive!"

It beyond annoys me that Ali's implying that if she had done the nasty premaritally with her now-husband, that would have somehow been a misstep. Crazy! Sorry, most of us prefer to have solid info about what our sex life is going to look like -- i.e. will it be satisfying, enjoyable, kinky, frequent enough?, etc. --  over the next 50+ years.    

Okay, even though we are now in the 20th century and not the 12th, I realize there are people who have their reasons for waiting until after they wed, and usually that has to do with religion. Sure, that's a couples' personal decision.  But I do wonder if said couples realize there could be MAJOR consequences to being clueless about compatibility between the sheets. No matter what virginity-lovin' fairy tales we were brought up on, sex isn't automatically amazing because you're having it with a spouse. You could love someone and still have lacking sexual chemistry or have to work on getting what you want in bed. I can think of lots o' disappointing scenarios.

Ah, well. Hopefully, Ali and Alejandro are doing just fine. They do have two kiddos, so I guess we can safely assume they do have sex. Good for them. But something tells me everything would have been more than a-okay had they gotten it on well before walking down the aisle.

Here's Ali talking to Wendy ...

What do you think about waiting to have sex until after you're married -- mistake or magical?


Image via WendyWilliamsShow/YouTube

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mik1of3 mik1of3

Not everyone spreads their legs and jumps into bed with their significant other right off the bat.  There are those who still believe that sex is something that should be saved for the marriage bed.

I did the same thing with my now husband.  My exhusband?  I shacked up with him for two years before we got married...and our marriage didn't last 3 years.  Me and my current forever DH will celebrate our 13th anniversary on June 18th. 

So, spread em for every Tom, Dick and Harry you date if you want....but dont knock someone else because their view is different from yours...and evidently HE didn't mind.  He married her, didn't he?

nonmember avatar ruthless1

I am not so sure the "try before you buy" attitude would help anything. How many people would really break up with someone that they thought they wanted to marry just because the sex wasnt very good? I think most would just assume that it would get better over time and still go forward with the relationship. Having sex or not having sex before you get married is a personal decision and unfortunately neither one guarantees you a happy outcome. So people just need to do what feels best and others should not judge.

nonmember avatar Shelly

My husband and I waited for marriage to have sex. We are fine! Was it magical from the beginning? Well, we didn't exactly know the difference. We've never struggled with sex, so I'm not sure why your panties are in such a wad! Here's the thing, sex can be improved. You can work on your sex life, you can get better, you can change things. Sex is NOT the most important thing in a relationship, people. It's an important part of the whole. If people would stop thinking it's the most important thing to exist, then perhaps relationships would be more healthy. I don't regret waiting for a second. We have a great sex life. We also have a great relationship, that could withstand problems in the bedroom. I think that's more important than anything.

nonmember avatar Megan

Wow. Just wow. I have a former bad girl/raging sex life past. I have had the 'best' sex imaginable. However after not finding happiness living like that, all through dating, my husband and I abstained until marriage. After marriage our sex was super akward/not hot/not compatible, a let down, whatever you want to call it. We struggled (he was unhappy too) It took months and months to make it amazing and its still getting better. I have been on both sides of this and my abstained marriage is a hundred times better and stronger because of it. We are emotionally closer because of the work we put into our intimacy. If I had judged our 'compatibility' and future by our initial sex lives, or used that as a precursor to marriage I would have run away and not dated him again! INSTEAD thank GOD I didn't know because I married my absolute best friend for all the RIGHT reasons and now am also enjoying an amazing sex life. I can't imagine what I would have missed out on if I had taken your 'worldy' advice (or continued doing it the way I had in the past). I would have passed him up for all the wrong reasons and missed out on the most complete and meaningful sex of my life. I would have missed out on an amazing future and an amazing man who now, thoroughly rocks my world and whom I will HAPPILY grow old with: When sex is no longer an option to us.
This advice is seriously a load of crap.

nonmember avatar Megan

And I also agree with Mik1of2.
First husband I slept with our whole dating life, and after 3 years of marriage it was over. Second husband I waited with, INFINITELY better.

zandh... zandhmom2

Wow...I didn't wait before marriage because husband and I lived together first but man are you mean! I see nothing wrong with wanting to wait.  And just because you have sex before marriage doesn't mean that your sex life can't change after it.  Life happens, kids happens, all kinds of "things" happens that change peoples sex drive and/or desires.  I think it's great that her husband was able to respect her enough to let her work on her fears and assure her that he truly loved her.

Todd Vrancic

No, you can't become a virgin again by abstaining from sex, but she felt she was burned before and wanted to take it slow.  He loved her enough to understand her feelings and respect them.  I am fairly sure that you know if the chemistry is there without having sex.

jasmi... jasmineg86

so, because a woman makes a decision on what her sexual comfort level is in her own relationship you have the right to an opinion?

let me be clear, i agree with you that for me- i need to know what i'm signing up for. however, i stopped having sex 3 years ago for the exact reasons she did- missteps in the past left me gun shy and needing more assurances than before. it happens that i havent had a relationship of note since, so its been a little longer than planned- but there is nothing wrong with slowing down the cart to make sure you get it right if thats what you need. bring it down a notch!

nonmember avatar Kate

I think waiting for marriage is the ideal. There are no expectations of performance. No comparing to others. Two virgins are 100% sexually compatable because they both are 100% inexperienced and have to learn together what they do and don't like.

Melis... Melissa042807

That was HER decision for HER relationship. What a mean, snarky, judgy article. 

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