3 of the Best Sex Myths -- Debunked!

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There are a TON of myths about sex and sexuality.

Sex myths happen because people who don't know any better pass on half-right information as total fact. Or they make them up to sound smarter. Plus, many "sex experts" (sexperts?) contradict each other. So it's not surprising that so many untruths about sex exist.

Here are some popular sex myths, decoded.

1. Size matters. Men are always either touting the size of their penis or worried about it. Why just this morning, I woke up to 10 new spam messages that promise to "increase my girth" to "make her scream." Somehow, the spammers think I actually HAVE a penis. But the myth, of course, is that the bigger the penis, the better the lover. WRONG.

The truth? Unless you have a medical condition called "micro-penis," you're fine just the way you are. In fact, sometimes a larger member can cause PAIN to a woman. So guys, stop sweating too much about the size of your penis. Just make sure you're excellent at other bedroom activities -- like oral sex.

2. Sex during a period is "safe sex." There's a popular sex misconception around having sex during a woman's period: If you do it, you can't get pregnant ... right? WRONG.

MOST women who ovulate on a regular cycle won't get pregnant during their period. However, as sperm cells can live in the vagina for up to eight days, and eggs survive for three, it stands to reason that one CAN get pregnant during her period. This is especially true for women who have irregular menstrual cycles.

3. "Pulling Out and Praying" is a decent form of birth control. Without a load of semen, a woman can't get knocked up ... right? WRONG. Here's why:

Even if a man is able to pull out quickly enough to not ejaculate inside his partner, he has released "preseminal fluid," which, most people don't know, actually contains sperm cells. This preseminal fluid is released well before orgasm and can easily knock a woman up.

What are some other sex myths you know to be wrong?


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nonmember avatar blh

Size totally matters. Its not the most important thing but it does.

Mrscj... Mrscjones

So true blh no amount of oral makes up for intercourse. More learn how to use what you have.

butte... butterflyfreak

Yeah, size matters *eye roll* Until you get that guy known around town as DKD (Donkey Kong Dick) who's ego is just as big as his infamous cock and he acts like he's doing you a favor letting you touch it. I have actually found that the bigger the cock, the worse the lay. If a guy is average, small or just thinks he's not that big, they're usually willing to work a little harder to make sure the woman orgasms.

nonmember avatar melmcl

We've been using the withdrawl method since I was 19 and I'm now 34. Just 1 pregnancy and that involved 2 years of trying. But, I am egg challenged - so it works for us.

Autum... Autumnleaves87

I will have to respectfully disagree with the third "myth" that you debunked here aunt Becky. And I'm SURE you did some research on these before you just started typing away your opinions.

Preseminal fluid originates in the Cowplers gland, which is then secreted through the urethra. The fluid itself does not contain semen and is meant to act as a lubricant. There may be a very small traces of semen the cowpers fluid picks up, but very trace amounts. There have been recent studies done to conclude those small trace amounts have no chance of surviving and causing a pregnancy.

nonmember avatar Christie

@Autumnleaves87 ...tell that to my little 6year old surprise....definatley can get pregnant from the preseminal fluid

LoSawyer LoSawyer

I have actually gotten pregnant while on my period and he pulled out, so I do agree with Aunt Becky. Plus she's hilarious, who cares if she was off a little scientifically. The "pull out and pray" is not smart birth control plain and simple.

Paul H. Byerly

You got one of three right.

Pre-ejaculate only contains sperm if the man had a prior ejaculation fairly recently. In real use, withdrawal is as good as condom use. (But even less fun.)

Saying sperm can live 8 days is more or less accurate, but the very few that make it that long are not going to get anyone pregnant. Five days after ejaculation it the outside limit, and anything after three days is extremely unlikely. It can still happen if her period is long and she ovulates early.

Water... Water_geM

autumnleave  needs to meet my twins.

emmas... emmasmama2007

Paul is right. If you're gonna rely on the pull out method, do yourself a favor & learn about your body. I know personally I cannot get preggo on my period. I'm extremely regular, so I always know when I ovulate and when I'm getting my period. There are different methods that involve getting to know your body that work to try or avoid. I've been doing this to avoid for almost a yr. so far so good.

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