8 Reasons Being Married Is Just Better

Marriage, when it's good, can be a wonderful thing. It's like being allowed to spend your life hanging out with your best friend in the world. Remember how much we wanted our best friend to spend every night at our house for weeks on end when we were little? Well, with marriage, you get to do that. Happily married people wake up every morning next to their best bud.

There are also health benefits to marriage. The March issue of the Journal of Health and Social Behavior has a study that shows married people are much more likely to live longer after heart surgery than their single counterparts. The study correlated this to the generally positive outlook the marrieds had on their recovery. They just felt more optimistic.

Well, if that's not a reason to get married, I can't imagine what is. Everyone in this country, regardless of sexual orientation, should be allowed to get married. Because marriage is better. And here are 8 reasons:

  • Better sex: Married people have 25-30 percent more sex than unmarrieds. Hey, this is the most important reason in my opinion. Life is way too short to have to spend any of it without sex.
  • Children: For children, marriage offers stability and the foundation from which they can spread their wings. Countless studies have shown that children from married parents fare better in life than those whose parents remain unmarried.
  • Support: When someone makes me mad or hurts my feelings, I am one to brood, but my husband is always on my side, always has my back, and makes up hilarious nicknames for people that make me laugh. Who can hate someone their husband calls "Big Bird's Ugly Mom"?
  • Legal recognition: It's nice to have legal recognition of your union. This is the simple reason it's hard to understand why anyone would choose cohabitation over marriage.
  • Health insurance: It's not romantic, but there it is. If one if you is unemployed, it's nice to have real insurance coverage that doesn't cost a fortune. 
  • Companionship: You will never have to be alone on date night again!
  • More money: Generally speaking, married people have more money than singletons or even cohabitation couples. Married men are generally more successful at work and two can live almost as cheaply as one and a half, which is still better than two!
  • Happiness: Married people, on whole, are happier than single people. It's probably a result of all that sex, support, and companionship, but whatever the reason, marriage is simply better.

Why are you happy to be married?


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jaxmadre jaxmadre

Sources? Evidence? Just your opinion, then, I suppose.
Feeling insecure today that we needed to boost marriage and put down co-habitators or singletons?

nonmember avatar Jae

^ Preach on jaxmadre.

Hmm. That's odd. Because I've been cohabitating for almost seven years now with my boyfriend . . . Clearly, it's working out juuuuust fine. And no, I'm not interested in getting married, nor am I going to knock down those who ARE/want to do so. :)

Also, we have more of a combined income than a lot of our friends that are in their mid/late twenties . . . yet still begging mommy and daddy for that cash. How about that? ;)

Eques... EquestrianMom

Being married in the right situation is great. That said, I'd rather be single and divorced then go back to my marriage! Loving the co-habiting thing though!

 To each their own :) 

nonmember avatar Theresa

I've been HAPPILY married for many years, but even I can say that this is a load of bs. Healthy marriages are great, but in this day and age no one can make such a blanket statement as the title of this article. SOME marriages are great. Many are not. Being single and happy is better than being stressed and married. The title is especially ridiculous coming from someone who got married before they were even halfway through their 20's. You haven't experienced enough of life to make such a claim.

nonmember avatar q

To each their own, but I relish my freedom too much. I raised two kids through college by myself and now enjoy my friends, career, and hobbies how and when I choose, I love it! If it makes you happy, best of luck, but it's not right for everyone.

miche... micheledo

Being single is MUCH better then being married to the wrong person.

BUT, you find the right one, and it can be everything you said! 

Loved the article and totally agree!  I'm in a great marriage and love waking up next to my best friend every morning.  Honestly, marriage has been much better then I expected.

MayUb... MayUbEhappY

I'm looking forward to all that you've stated with the person that I'm with now. Didn't believe it until now but people are right when they say, "when you know, you know"! Happy you're happy in your marriage! I can picture my life being all that you've mentioned above and agree. :)

purpl... purple_creeper

Lol @ people that get offended. . .

hamem... hamemedowns

Beginning to think the blogger has some issues- so many blogs seem to push marriage. Maybe someone ist trying to convince themselves of something??

sugar... sugarmama82

I love being married to my DH <3 But I don't think that is necessarily "better" somehow...our lives are individual. Cest la vie!

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