How to Date an Older Guy and Never Look Back

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Sick of younger guys who can barely bother to carry on a decent conversation unless it involves the words "beer" and "pong"? Yeah, me too. That means it's time to go outside your age bracket and find yourself an older guy to date.

Dating older men (not, I should clarify, OLD men) can be a totally amazing experience. Here are some reasons why dating an older man can be awesome.

One word: established. Sure, dating a young guy can be fun -- until you realize the guy's a flake, he's still reliving his college years, and he calls you "dude" because he can't remember your name. Older men, well, they know what they want, they've got it, and they have roots. Roots, as long as we're not talking about hair dye, are a great thing, especially when it comes to serious dating.

An older man is also going to be a well-read conversationalist. That means you don't have to sit there pretending to be interested in the latest score some young dude got while playing a video game. You can actually talk to an older guy about interesting things, which is one of the key components of a great relationship.

An older guy also has a career -- not a job. Sure it's nice to date a guy who has a job and all (as opposed to living at home with his parents), but most of us don't develop real careers until we're a little bit older (women too). Dedication to a career path is important because it means that he's got stability and a vision for the future.

One of the best perks of older guys is that he's been around the block; sexually that is. And while you probably don't want to sit around discussing past lovers (unless you're a masochist), it's good to climb into bed with a guy who knows how to please a woman.

What are some other reasons for dating older men?


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jasmi... jasmineg86

or... hes still hanging in the 20 something bar trying to reclaim or stay in his youth and lives in his moms basement. lol. flakes are going to be flakes and responsible folks will be responsible no matter what the age. the scale tips both ways. (this from a lifelong "older guy" lover)

Loref... Lorefield

I have ALWAYS dated older men. Unfortunately, older men are getting quite old these days lol..putting my target in the viagra and rogaine set.

I admit it, I went to the younger side. Not drastically young, but younger.

*not a cougar

nonmember avatar Dopekitty

My ex, seven yrs older than me, is an ass, has never held a job other than being a carny for longer than about a yr, and emotionally abusive to boot. My current husband, six years younger than me, is an absolute dream. Not a big career guy, but he makes me happy in more important ways. We talk all the time about everything, he makes me laugh, and accepts me for who I am. I've never been happier on a day to day basis. I last saw my ex nearly three years ago, and got married late that year. I'm 37

nonmember avatar Missforth

Just FYI, none of these things hold true if the guy is in any way hillbilly and/or redneck. They get stuck in their ways very young. Age isn't likely to make them better

starl... starlight1968

just to clarify .... what is an "Older" man's age??

Albond86 Albond86

I met and married my husband who is 11 years older then me, and let me tell you all of these things have been true for him! He wasn't perfectly established when we met, but he was well on his way, he has a long career in the navy, know what he wants from life and knows how to get it! He was in his early 30's when we started dating and now he's mid 30's and we still have an amazing relationship with new things to talk about and plan for! We are expecting our second child in July!

beethann beethann

they are HOT and great in bed!! Love my older man!!

nonmember avatar HS

I'm in my twenties and have dated guys in their 30s and I haven't seen a difference between them and the 20 somethings I usually went out with :( Starting to think it might be me...

3lilqts 3lilqts

My Dh is 7 years older than myself and I adore the age gap and him.

loves... lovesouldoula

My last relationship was with a man who is 19 years my senior. I loved dating him. We have two beautiful children together and although the relationship didn't work out it had nothing to do with age. There were extenuating circumstances, he did have a strong career he was proud of,was a very hard worker and was AMAZING in bed. I'm usually never attracted men my own age(mid twenties ).

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