Condoms You Scan to 'Check-In' During Sex Aren't as Wacky as They Sound


colorful condomsWhen people first started using Foursquare and Facebook to "check-in" (at the gym, at the library, at their own homes), I was baffled. Why would you want everyone -- perhaps even strangers -- knowing where you were? Now, I sort of get it (because I do use Foursquare to get coupons and it's fun to wrack up points). But does that mean I would ever want to "check-in" ... in bed??? Uh, no thanks! When and where I'm going for an O is my BF's and my biz, no one else's -- especially not an entire social network's!

But there are people who feel differently. Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest recently distributed 55K condoms with scannable QR-codes (barcodes). The idea is that you can scan the code on the condom wrapper with your smartphone and report the location of where you're having sex to It's supposed to be like "Foursquare for people who don't want STDs."

Yes -- to clarify and paraphrase a Twitter trend -- this is real life.

As wacky and counterintuitive as it seems -- uh, doesn't checking in take the intimacy out of "getting intimate"??? -- it's caught on. People have already checked in from 48 states and six continents. Wow! The site also offers the option of rating the quality of your sexual encounter on a five-point scale (it starts at "Things can only improve from here" to "Ah-maz-ing -- Rainbows exploded and mountains trembled!").

I gotta say, I'm a little sad that something like this actually exists. To me, checking in after (or geeze, during?!) sex takes the idea of "social networking" too far. And how much of a turn-on is it really to look over and see your partner busily scanning his condoms? Also, couldn't this also backfire when some scumbag uses it to brag about the hook-up? Clearly, I would be completely opposed to the concept if it wasn't for just one thing ... If it means more people are having safe sex, well, then -- more power to 'em!

And how's this for the icing: You can also check out an interactive map that pinpoints exactly where (down to the city and state at least) people are safely getting frisky. To some, this might be TMI ... To others, well, it's kinda hot, I guess. At the very least to know so many people are having sex -- safely!

What do you think about "checking in" when you have sex?

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Stephanie Carr

Would I personally check in like that, No, but that's becasue my husband and I are boring and rarely venture out of our bedroom for that stuff.  But if it gets teens and young adults to wrap it up and prevent STD's and unwanted pregnancy then awesome. I have not looked at the site but if you can post anonymously it would be kinda cool.

MrsNe... MrsNewman

Aweful! I can just see where this is going ... I see some teenage girls getting bullied very very badly from this. 

banan... banana-bear

Terrible idea! I wish people had more self-respect these days.

nonmember avatar Cy MacKie


Danzz... Danzzcoach

Am I the only person who caught the most disturbing point of this article? HELLO?! What do all you pro planned parenthood people think about your favorite organization condoning and supporting something so disgusting? win win right? ugh

Pagan... PaganMommy04

@Danzzcoach How is it disgusting? People are lazy morons nowadays and the amount of people who have un-safe sex because they're too doe-may-care about putting on a rubber is rather alarming.  And yet people are OBSESSED with social-networking.  So if this is what it takes for people to actually start using condoms and start contributing to the decline of people having un-safe sex (thus lowering the STD statistics, etc), then so be it.

Is it for everyone?  Obviously not.  I wouldn't personally partake in it, but being that my boyfriend and I are monogamous and my tubes are tied, we don't really need to.  But if this encourages others to practice safe sex, then koo-koo-kachoo for them.

Marjc... Marjchaos

It's a lame fad that a few lame people will indulge in for five minutes. In fact, by the time this article is read, it'll probably already be over.

nonmember avatar P

There are pro's and con's to this of course. But the rise of safer sex is better than the rise of std's, and unwanted pregnancys. Safe sex is important and if using social networks is how they encourage it, that's smart. Just like everyone else who uses social networking to advertise and get what they want out there.

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