One Reason to Wear a Wedding Ring Even If You're Single

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wedding ringThe Canadian government wants to make sure their native ladies aren't going to get harassed while abroad, so they've come out with some controversial advice in a guide called Her Own Way: A Women's Safe Travel Guide, which outlines female-specific tips for traveling. You know, because the fairer sex faces "greater obstacles" when traveling alone. One of the highlights: Advice for women to keep a couple of secret weapons on hand whenever they're jet-set.

The guide advises, "Wear a (fake) wedding ring. Also carry a photo of your husband (or an imaginary one), which you can show to persistent suitors. Being seen as married will lower your profile and stave off uninvited advances."

Oh dear, here we go ... We have no choice but to "prove" that we've got a guy around in order to protect ourselves, huh? How paternalistic! Hrrmph! 

But, on a second thought, it's actually not terrible advice. I don't know about you, but I've been in nightclubs, subways, even on the street in the city and thought leering, bizarre, or cat-calling creeps wouldn't even look my way if only I had my boyfriend by my side. But in the case that he's not there, a wedding ring or photograph couldn't hurt to dissuade weirdos. Although, if you're dealing with unwanted advances from some aggressive stranger, are you really going to whip out a picture of your S.O.? And say what? "My boyfriend's coming back, and you're gonna be in trouble. Hey la hey la, my boyfriend's back!"

So who knows about the photo! It sounds like the fake ring really is the way to go. Whether we like it or not, there are still plenty of places (usually stuck in a whole different time) where looking married protects and serves us strong, independent women best.

Would you ever wear a fake wedding ring or flash your wedding ring to keep a creep at bay?


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nonmember avatar Skyhook

The picture shows a right hand, and that means you are a widow.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

I tried that trick once. The guy complimented me on my ring and kept trying to impress me by telling me he made $900 a month and got a discount at the seafood restaurant where he worked as a dishwasher. Even if I did eat seafood I think having someone stinking of lobster and BO hanging over me for half an hour would put me off somehow.

nonmember avatar Emme

Honestly, I don't think status deters a lot of men. Years ago, when I was still in college, I worked for a day as one of those survey-takers at the mall. You know, the people with clip boards that stop you and ask if you'd like to earn a couple quick dollars in exchange for answering some questions. Anyways, that day, I was hit on by a number of men. I told them I was taken, but some were still quite persistent. Throughout a survey, one of them kept asking me out on different dates even though I told him several times that I had a boyfriend. It was absolutely horrible and that ended up being the reason I quit.

If I wanted to get hit on all day, I'd get a job as a stripper. Sheesh. =/

nonmember avatar JustMe

The ring only deters men who aren't creepers. Both my sister and I did this for a while (and I have been married almost 6 years now and it has happened since I have been actually married). And we both came to the same conclusion, it only deters nicer guys, the ones who are super persistant usually are only looking to get you into bed (I know I'm being Captn. Obvious) and in my experience, they really don't care if you are married. In fact, some of them PREFERR it, because as you know if you are a married woman that means you won't be looking at a RELATIONSHIP with him, so he thinks this is great; as he isn't interested in a Relationship with you, he just wants to have sex with you (I have seriously had more then one guy tell me "it's cool that your married, I just want to hook up" one even said "I have a girl at home, you have a man at home, but niether of them are here so what's the problem?").

the4m... the4mutts

It wouldn't work, and I wouldn't do it. If anyone was that agressive towards me, id tell them to fuck off, and Mace them in the face if they wouldn't go away.

I have a man. But I sure as hell don't NEED one to protect me, or stave off some pervos.

I didn't wear a wedding ring even when I was marrid

Kwiat2 Kwiat2

Well to the first poster, in most European countries people wear wedding rings on their right hand. Not sure how it is in Cananda.

Also, I flashed my wedding ring many times while my husband was deployed, and they just tried harder. I was even told "rings don't plug holes." Gross!

So no, I don't think this will truly have any effect. Best just carry pepper spray! :)

nonmember avatar jessica

I do this when I bartend. My dad passed away when I was a child and when o turned 18, my mom gave me her wedding ring. It does help keep guys from hitting on me. The only time it didn't was when some dick thought he would get cocky and tell me that my husband is cheap and HE would've bought me a bigger ring (my dad couldn't afford a very big ring for my mom). I came out with the truth immediately, telling the dude he was actually insulting my deceased father. He was humiliated and rightfully so.

nonmember avatar BG

It depends on where you are and what the situation is. My cousin traveled to Egypt (before the Arab Spring). She wasn't in a relationship but wore a wedding ring anyway. She was being pestered by a shop keeper to buy something but told him that her "husband" wouldn't let her spend the money. It shut him up completely.

nonmember avatar Colette

I work with my hubby and they still hit on me.

vamom08 vamom08

A creep is creep if he think he could get some ass that ring is blind to him so I dont have to prove something to a man or scared them off I keep a pocket knife in my purse. I just ignore guys eventually they will get my drift or I will be the "The stuck up b#tch I will rather be that then to wake up with fleas you lie down with a dog you can wake up with fleas I have to much to live for.

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