Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie Can't Kick Jennifer Aniston Out of Bed

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Angelina Jolie Brad PittAs much as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie seem to want everyone to believe that they have a happy and healthy relationship, it isn't always easy to buy into considering how many rumors there have been hinting that they are on the verge of a break-up. Of course, on the flip side of the coin, there are also plenty of stories claiming that they have decided to get married, and are planning on walking down the aisle any day now. So -- which is it? Are they solid as a rock, or are they headed for splitsville?

Whatever the status of their current relationship may be, one thing seems to remain constant regardless of whether they are truly in love or not. And that's the fact that no matter how hard they try, they just can't seem to kick Jennifer Aniston out of their bed.

One of the latest Brangelina rumors suggests that they got into a huge fight recently when their son, Maddox, saw something about Jennifer Aniston in a magazine and asked Brad who she was. Brad apparently told him that she was "a woman he used to be married to whom he loved very much." And then supposedly Angie walked in the room and went all ballistic over his mushy words about his ex-wife. This "incident" really sounds like more of a rumor or hearsay to me, but regardless of whether or not anything actually went down, Jen will always be a silent third party in Brad and Angie's partnership. They just can't escape her.

It can't be easy to stay content and committed to someone in a relationship when you constantly have people bringing up other people that you used to be romantically involved with. And even though it's been years since Brad and Jen split and they've both clearly moved on, they were a couple that everyone adored, and there is still quite a bit of buzz about what exactly went wrong in their marriage. It's obvious that people were rooting for them to stay together. And they very well may have -- if Angie hadn't entered the picture.

Even though the general consensus seems to be that Jolie basically stole Pitt right out from under Jen's nose, she still probably feels small pangs of jealousy whenever anyone brings up Brad's former marriage. No woman wants to be constantly sized up against her man's ex, that's for sure.

It's highly unlikely that rumors about the status of Brad and Angie's relationship will cease to exist anytime soon. But if they are in this thing for the long haul, they may want to think about buying a bigger mattress, or possibly sleeping in separate bedrooms. Because it's obvious that Jen has found herself a nice, cozy spot right in between them.

Do you think that Brad and Angie are able to fluff off all of the Jennifer Aniston talk?


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Essie Lewis

You aren't serious with this, are you?  I can't believe you wrote this bs with a straight face.  It's been SEVEN YEARS.  Not only does Angelina Jolie not care a fig about Jennifer Aniston, judging by Aniston's movie bomb over the weekend, nobody else cares about her either.  So, give it a rest and stop reading the rags or at least stop repeating them.

Kwiat2 Kwiat2

I just want to say, Angelina looks gorgeous here, and this was only a few days before the Oscars. WTH happened!?

Also, it's still around becaus not one of them have been upfront about it. Obviously he had an affair, which neither will admit, obviously Jen and Brad are not "still friends" like they they are. For sure Jen and Angie have never spoken a word to each other. The fact that they make it seem all hunky dory for PR just makes it worse.

Water... Water_geM

i think the people of the stir need to GET THE FUCK OVER THE ANISTON PITT DIVORCE...

seriously...its been 7 years


do you understand?


get over it..move on...

its old people.

Forev... Foreverhisgirl.

I think people make a big fuss over it because of the circumstances. That skanky Angelina is a home wrecker. lulz

Jross155 Jross155

Just read these comments.  People are pretty nasty. I actually feel like I have found my long lost sister.  I write about Angelina and Jen all of the time.  I actually am not over it.  I will never forgive and refused to see Mr. and Mrs. Smith.  Every time Jen gets a new boyfriend I think, I hope Brad is jealous.  Then i think that I might need some help.  Regardless, I think the Brad and Angelina thing affected people because it was such a blatant affair, and Angelina never showed any sign of remorse or shame.  She is probably more remorseful for her recent Oscar leg pose.

Thanks for the article: 

Jen Ross @

Clara... ClaraBelle173

Given that it is generally the Pitt/Jolie bunch that has to have some sly ittle reference in any and every interview, they are the ones that won't move on.  They know what they are doing.  I loved the "I smoked too much weed and my marriage was pathetic" scenario a few months back. I was married to a pothead and it WAS pathetic, but not because of me.  Stoners are boring people. 

nikol... nikolita87

Yes it's been 7 years, but since Brad and Angelina's relationship was "scandalous" from the start, it's just one of those things that Hollywood and the media will never let die. Had Jen and Brad divorced, and THEN he met Angelina, it'd be a very different story. No one talks about Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman anymore... there wasn't any "juice" to their story. I also think it's just a consequence Angelina has to face. She's going to have to be reminded of Jen occasionally, and if she didn't want to be, maybe she shouldn't have stolen Brad. Brad ha an equal share in this too. Again, they just need to face the consequences and realize the media isn't going to shut up just because they want them to.

tarto... tartofdarkn3ss

Angeline "stole" Brad from Jen?  What is he, a silk scarf?  No happy person strays from a happy marriage.  But seriously it has been SEVEN YEARS, Aniston is almost, sorta engaged to someone she didn't even know back then and the tabs need to give it a rest!

John-Carolynn Devore-Gillenwater

Just sayin to the comments bashing Jennifer Anniston.  I think it is very distasteful to bash Jennifer Anniston it's not her fault and she is a very beautiful talented person!

Water... Water_geM

jennifer aniston is a crumby actress...shes racheal green in every role.

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