Mother & Daughter Strip Club Act Feeds Depraved Fantasies

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When I think of my daughter's future, I think of so many things: love, grandchildren (mine, not hers), proms, and college. I do not think of pole dancing. I guess that makes me more conventional than I thought.

Chris Rock once said a father's only goal should be to keep his daughter "off the pole," but for one mom in Australia, the pole is just where she wants her daughter to be. Mia Robinson and daughter Kiki Vidis are a mother-and-daughter striptease show. Can you say ew?

Look, I like a strip show as much as the next gal, but this is way, WAY too much. Robinson says:

Some people get a strange idea about what we actually do in our act, but it has humor and doesn't cross any boundaries.

Is it me or is it a "boundary" to not be naked on stage with your child? Vidis said that some people imagine the act goes further than it does. "That would be gross," she said. Because dancing nude with your mom isn't?

I try to be open minded about all things sexual and I certainly want to raise both of my children in such a way, too. But I draw the line at ever dancing nude on stage with them. What would that tell an impressionable young woman in her early 20s? Is that really a career path I would want to see my daughter pursue?

I don't think of myself as particularly prude-ish. But I do think mothers have a duty to protect our daughters from harm. It's our job to make sure they develop healthy attitudes about sex and, most of all, don't fall into doing depraved things for men just because the men want them to.

Well, guess what? This is a pretty twisted fantasy. If seeing a mother and daughter nude together, dancing for money is what turns you on, maybe you ought to look at yourself a bit more closely.

As a parent, I think it is crucial to be clear: It's one thing to be nude with your child and let them feel comfortable nude. There is nothing wrong with nudity. But it's all context. If you are shaking your booty for dollars and your daughter is standing beside you, doing the same, then you have pretty much failed as a decent role model.

This is about the unsexiest thing I have ever heard of.

Do you think this mom is crazy?

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Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Mother daughter porn is NOTHING new...At least they're actually not fondling each other or worse....>.<

nonmember avatar kickme

As long as she doesn't include a breastfeeding act.

nonmember avatar PROUD MOMMY

Shes actually a pilot... so she DOES have something to fall back unless you know you didnt read the article which is usually the case

nonmember avatar Frick

I don't want to see anyone that old stripping. That alone is nasty enough.

the4m... the4mutts

I was a stripper. I don't see the problem. Theorhetically, they could take any olde/younger pair, claim its mother/daughter, and make tons of money.

These 2 may actually be really related, but so what? They aren't screwing.

DebiO... DebiOBrien

I'm a retired stripper (or at least on hiatus) and I have a daughter on the way. My BIGGEST fear is her following in those footsteps. This is not because I have any issues with the job itself. I have a problem with the stereotypes attatched to it. My entire family turned their backs on me when they found out what my job was because they assumed that bc I worked at a gogo bar I must me a crack addicted prostitute. I don't ever want my little girl to have to deal with that.

DaniMaeD DaniMaeD

I agree with DebiOBrien.  I wouldn't really have a problem if my daughter decided to dance.  But I would hate that she would have to deal with judgemental ignorant people. 

But to adress the article.  Ehhh.  I have no desire to get naked with my Mother.  Ever.  For any reason.

Lokis... LokisMama

They're both of legal age.  Who cares?  I bet they make a butt ton of money because of their little act.

nonmember avatar Whatever

You said "This is about the unsexiest thing I have ever heard of." We need pics to decide that. As long as they're hot, it doesn't matter

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