How to Perform Like a Porn Star

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There's not much hotter than really good porn. But watching it as a non-porn star can make even the most self-assured of us wonder what we're doing wrong -- and how we can be better in bed.

Here are some tips for how to perform like a porn star.

Porn stars have confidence. They know they're sexy and they're not afraid to flaunt it. So strap on your confidence and have at it. And if you can't slip into "I'm hot and I know it" mode easily, fake it 'til you make it.

Porn stars have style. They're not trying to get all hot and bothered while wearing cat-puke-stained pants and an old T-shirt. Slip outta that and get on some lingerie and sexy undies before trying to get your groove thang on. If you don't own any, go and pick some up. Doesn't have to be expensive, either -- you can pick some up at Target on the cheap.

Porn stars take care of themselves. No, I'm not implying you need to hire a stylist, a waxer, a makeup artist, and someone to do your hair. Just make sure you've gotten body hair under control, put on some mascara and lip gloss, throw your hair into a sexy little bun, and have at it. 

Porn stars know the ways they look best. Sure, they might have a pot belly or a little junk in their trunk, but they also know the angles to strike to minimize these things. Next time you're watching porn and see someone who is built like you, check out the ways she holds her body, then copy her.

Porn stars know it's all about lighting. In the harsh glare, even the sexiest of the sexy look, well, unfortunate. So work the lighting in your bedroom. Get a red light (which is supposed to bring out your inner sex goddess), or dim things down -- then work it.

Any other tips for performing like a porn star?


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nonmember avatar shelly

Ummm...I'd rather not be like a woman who has been done in every orifice, by everyone and their dog. My husband likes non-whorish me. I'm cool with that.

Saphi... SaphireLiz

There is nothing wrong with being sexy every now and then for your husband or boyfriend. To me what this is getting at is how to show off your wild sexy side if you have one, I do and my hubby loves when it comes out but at the same time loves me when I'm the unshaven and baggy looking self

Eques... EquestrianMom

One key thing to realize about porn stars, they are preforming for a camera. Don't worry about the faces you make, where your fat spots are, ect, the guy whose gotten in your pants really doesn't care! LMAO!

the4m... the4mutts

Yah here's a tip: stop trying to be a porn star. Worrying about all this crap will keep a woman too distracted to enjoy herself.

Tip #2: genuinely enjoy yourself. Men care more about that than your panties or body hair.

Carrie Jane

Dressing sexy and looking sexual is a wonderful and empowering feeling. It helps you with self confidence which in turn makes you much more frisky. Think it all you like ladies but your man would enjoy a freaky wife! Like the saying goes men want a good woman who is a freak in the bedroom. Its very true. Im not afraid to throw on sexy bra panties sexy leg wear red lipstick and 6 inch hills to fulfill my husbands fantasy< and that doesn't make me a whore for wanting to do so. Its just as pleasurable for me ;)

the4m... the4mutts

Carrie jane, some men are boring, and intimidated by a "porn star" persona.

I guarantee that what this article considers sexy, and what my SO considers sexy, are 2 completely different things.

Also, if a woman is not comfortable with this version of sexy, she's less likely to enjoy herself. If I was in porn star get-up, i'd feel like a fraud.

Tip for impressing the average man: walk out naked, holding some beer.

nonmember avatar JaneDWill

I agree sorta with Carrie Jane. While the silly 'porn star' thing is based on people who are acting, there's nothing wrong with getting in touch with your sexy. I'm a mom and wife with a busy career but I can't understand the frumpy wife thing. Most men won't admit it for the sake of your feelings but going to bed in that same ugly night gown, every night, just laying there on your back is dull. When you look good you feel good and sex better... (Side note: Aunt Becky's columns are almost always awesome. I enjoy them so much)

Disney17 Disney17

Por stars actually don't have as much confidence as they portray. It's called acting.

If style consists of six inch hooker heels and dental floss, they sure do!

Taking care of themselves? Because subjecting themselves to tons of diseases and/or rape is taking care of themselves...not.

No they don't, the sleazebag "producer" does.

All about the lighting? No. It's about making love and enjoying ourselves.

nonmember avatar Jes

DENIAL. Is What women who say their husbands/SOs prefer boring old them, are in. Effort is appreciated and definately does not go unnoticed. Loosen up frigid ones. Just because you caught him, doesn't mean the routine is going to keep him.

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