World's Worst Ex Boyfriend Advertises Sex Parties at Former Girlfriend's House

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andre flomBreaking up is hard to do, but breaking up is even harder to do when 20 strange men show up on your doorstep expecting a free-for-all sex party. Here's what happened. Andre Flom, 31, of Portland wasn't too thrilled when his girlfriend Caitlin Moser, 29, ended their relationship. He was so pissed, in fact, that he decided to go on Craigslist and create advertisements under Caitlin's name that asked dudes to come to her house and, essentially, do her. There was some pretty raunchy language used in the ads and within a few hours, men were knocking on Caitlin's door, ready to get down and dirty.

If Mr. Flom hasn't yet been nominated for the worst ex-boyfriend in the world award, let me be the first to do so. We can mail a paper crown to his jail cell if he wins.

He's been charged with computer crime and identity theft and is being held in prison instead of posting the $30,000 bond.

I can't begin to imagine what Caitlin went through, but obviously, she was more than just surprised when horny strangers started coming to her house, she was horrified. The ads that Andre posted gave her name, address, and phone number and said things like "What's up, my name's Catlin and I’m very real, looking for a sexy guy to come give me what I need, hit me up - I'm super horny." Nice, huh? He created more than 35 postings before he was caught. How terrible.

So what's the lesson here? Date someone who's a good person. The other lesson? If tens of men start banging down your door looking for some hot, hot lovin', blame your ex.

What's the worse thing that one of your exes has ever done?


Photo via Multnoman County Jail



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happy... happymama0609

I feel bad for her, but I seriously laughed. Man that guy does not handle a break up well.

NBean311 NBean311

This story would be kinda funny if he hadn't listed all of her personal info. That is scary though. Poor girl.

the4m... the4mutts

That's not funny at all. She could have been raped, or killed.

He deserves jail.

ashja ashja

NBean - You have about a 3rd grade sense of humor

Bonnie Riggs

total jerk disgusting freak hope they throw the book at him poor girl could very seriously been hurt badly or even killed what a creep!


Susie19 Susie19

They're both lucky that she wasn't hurt because one of these creeps could've easily broke into her home and raped her after being rejected  I'm really glad she's okay and this idot would have bigger charges to worry about.  What a loser.

NBean311 NBean311

Hey Ashja... Insulting others doesn't make you any better. It makes you look small.

The concept is what I was referring to as funny, like when someone I know had his phone number listed on a time machine classified ad as a prank.

And AS I SAID, the fact that he listed her personal info is incredibly scary.

GirlN... GirlNamedBillie

That's very scary considering there was a story like this not too long ago, except the ex had made a posting pretending to be the ex-girlfriend citing she wanted someone to role-play and pretend like they were raping her. It happened and she was raped. People may find this sort of thing funny but it's very dangerous.

Ima101 Ima101

GirlNamedBillie - I know exactly what you mean. Stuff like that just terrifies me and to be honest I'm very worried about having to raise my daughter in an era when someone can post something online and ruin another person's life with just a few strokes of the keyboard. Scary scary stuff, I hope they throw the book at him. This twisted creep deserves jail!

nikki... nikki32230

I had a bf call and harass me, show up at my house at all hours of the night, say my ds looked like an n word, leave threatening voice mails, drive by

Y house for no reason etc. all the same guy. Until I moved out of state and changed my number and blocked him and anyone associated with him from my fb. I was seriously afraid to be outside in my front yard by myself at night...

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