Justin Bieber's 'Pre-Engagement Ring' to Selena Gomez Is Cute, But Silly

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Selena's ring from Justin
Selena's ring from Justin
So, you know that adorable "J" ring Justin Bieber gifted unto Selena Gomez for Valentine's Day? Yeah, well, word is it's a pre-engagement ring. That isn't an engagement ring, but a pre-engagement ring. Big difference.

According to a source, "[The ring] was kind of a pre-engagement ring, really. They’re too young to get married, but they are just head over heels in love with each other and they want to spend the rest of their lives together ... It symbolizes their intention to be together for a long time.”

Oh my God, that's so sweet. Not. Pre-engagement rings are for the birds.

Selena and Justin are lovely and adorable and blah, blah, blah, but I really don't see a need for a pre-engagement ring between the two of them. Or between anyone.

Break out the big guns -- the diamonds, the bling, the jewels -- when you actually do get engaged. Adding a new piece of jewelry to your hand is part of the fun -- it's a visual reminder to you and the world that, holy shit, you're getting married. No, it isn't all about the jewelry, but it's kind of cool to look down at your hand every once in a while after getting engaged and seeing a finger party.

Also, there's the whole "what the hell is a pre-engagement" thing. If you're planning on getting engaged, married, whatever, you kind of know it already, right? It's a discussion that's been had between your partner and you. And if you and your partner have gone as far as to have such a serious conversation, you shouldn't need a piece of jewelry to solidify things. The words themselves should be enough. The ring is to solidify an actual engagement, not the promise of one.

I'm chalking this one up to the fact that Justin and Selena are just young, though. And rich. They need to spend their money on something. So why not a brand new shiny diamond pre-engagement ring? Hey, it's definitely smarter than the real deal.

What are your thoughts on pre-engagement rings?


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nonmember avatar Graem S.

I actually am in favour of promise rings. I'm not rich, and I'm an adult. In fact, yesterday I just made an order for a custom, sensible promise ring for my girlfriend. Yes, sensible. Here's why:

See, we can't really get engaged at this point. It's impractical. We've both come to the conclusion that we will be engaged, but we recently had to part ways for a while pursuing academic interests.

Although we would get engaged, it is unreasonable and, honestly, a bad idea to exchange engagement rings from afar. The ring is sensible, elegant, and very affordable, and it serves as a visible reminder to both of us that although we will be physically apart for a little while now, we're both know our sincere intentions to engage when this matter blows over... and others will get some kind of idea, too, when they see a ring on the left hand ring finger.

The justification for a promise ring varies from case to case. For this celebrity, it seems to me like it's something good for publicity and sensible if they "grow up and grow away from each other". They're pop star kids, after all.

I care not for celebrities, but I did find this page while searching for "pre-engagement promise ring" information.

That's my story.

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