15 (More) Sex Tips From Men to Women

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Let's face it, ladies, when it comes to sex, we have a lot to learn, especially if we've been with the same partner for a long time. And who better to give women sex tips than men?

(Answer: No one.)

So here we go, ladies. More sex tips for women from men.

1) Stilettos are where it's at. Doesn't matter if you can walk a mile in them or not -- strap a pair on (the higher the better) and begin a sexy striptease. Those f***-me shoes should be enough to get his motor going.

2) Find out his fantasy -- then help him act it out.

3) Buy a wig. Nothing like pretending you're someone else for a night to make both of you all hot and bothered.

4) When you're going down on him, flick the head of his member with your tongue. Almost certain to get him to cloud nine.

5) Tell him what you want and how you want it from him. Men hate to guess at what women want -- so don't make him.

6) If you're going down on him, ask him where he'd like to ejaculate -- then make it happen.

7) Use a chair. Straddle your guy and swivel your hips back and forth as you give him a sexy lap dance. When it's time to have sex, simply slip off your undies and have at it.

8) Wear a sexy silk nightgown -- and keep it on while you're having sex. Men go wild for the feel of silk against their bare skin.

9) Watch some porn together. Once you're both in the mood, try to imitate what the porn stars are doing.

10) Use a scarf or some fur-lined handcuffs to tie him to the bed before riding him. Or allow him to do the same to you.

11) Stay shallow. The first third of the vagina is the most sensitive, so tell him you want him to rev you up by keeping his thrusts in that area before going all the way in.

12) Try the washing machine. Hop on top of it while you've got a load of laundry in, and allow the gentle rocking motions to really get the two of you rocking!

13) Ditch the gray -- go with erotic colors. Red, purple, and dark blue are the sexiest. Buy a red light bulb and throw on a red pair of lace undies. It's a surefire way to liven up your sexy time.

14) Buy a game of Twister -- then play it ... naked. Your inhibitions will be gone just as soon as you two start to get in the mood.

15) Feed your guy lemon, cinnamon, or peppermint if you're planning to go down on him later. It makes the semen taste much better.

What other sex tips do YOU have to offer us?


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nonmember avatar D

I've heard comedians make fun of lists like these. Dave Chappelle said that a man wants you to such his dick, play with his balls a little, then make him a sandwich.

Preta... PretaniVirago

Pineapple.  That is all.

nonmember avatar unknown

Gizz is nasty no matter a person eats. No food is going to make it taste yummy. This list is stupid. If youre going to rip off Cosmo, at least give them some credit.

Venae Venae

Naked Twister - only if both of your BMIs are 18 or less!

Danim... Danimals823

Heyy twisters fun and I'm a bmi of 19.8 and I still have a pooch from my son lol. Idc bc we both have pooches and he still turns me on naked ;)

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

If you need "lists" to please your man, then you're doing something wrong....

Jenny... JennyG0929

... a guy just wants....sex. You don't need a bunch of tricks.

Ruben Palmer

this list is right on the spot, wish more women read this

emmas... emmasmama2007

Actually what he eats can change the taste of his semen. Then again my hubby has 7% body fat. I can tell when he doesn't eat cause it's bitter. Otherwise it's semi-sweet and a teensy bit acidic lol.

Kevin Scott Karsthuntr Davis

@JennyG0929 Yes your right, guys do want sex, but you have to spice it up a bit too. Just sex gets boring after awhile. I am going on a 7 day cruise this weekend to kick things up a bit. This will be the first time in 15 years of marriage that it will be just us on a vacation. 

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