Dating and mating are SO much work sometimes! The guesswork of whether or not the guy you're crushing on is crushing on you back can leave you spiraling around, second-guessing his every interaction, trying to understand if he's actually into you.

Well, ladies, I'm here to help.

Here are some sure signs (from actual guys) that he's into you.

He bothers to call. I don't know how many times I sat by my phone (well before I had a cell phone), just waiting for the guy I was certain was in love with me to call. He didn't. I don't know how many excuses I made for him. And the next one. And the next one. They all had a "reason" in my head that they didn't call. You know what? That's bullshit. Any guy who wants to call you will call you. End of story.

He wants you to meet other people in his life. Maybe it's his friends. His roommate. His boss. His coworkers. His dog. Everyone. If he wants you to meet everyone from his mom to the guy who works at the convenience store below his apartment, he digs you.

He remembers all the quirky little things you say. When you hang out, he recalls that this one time you said you loved George Michael, and makes mention of it. Paying attention to small details like that is something dudes do when they like you.

He's looking at you -- a lot. You catch him looking at you. Watching you from across the room. Seeing the way you brush your hair from your forehead. He keeps his eyes on you. A guy who digs you wants to watch what you do, all the time.

He does things your way. It's your favorite diner. Your favorite coffee. Your favorite music on the stereo. If he's paying attention, he knows how you like things done and makes sure to do them that way.

What are some other sure signs that he's into you?


Image via CarbonNYC/Flickr