Here's How to Have Great Phone Sex

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Guess what? Not every amazing sexual encounter has to involve hanging from the ceiling or wearing frilly (expensive) lingerie! A simple phone call can be a great way to engage in some amazing sexual experiences.

You don't have to be in a long-distance relationship to have phone sex, either. It can serve the simple purpose of lowering your inhibitions and getting your motor running.

That's great and all, but what if you don't know the first thing about how to start?

I'm here to help. Read on for some basic tips on how to have fantastic phone sex.

First, since this is supposed to be a sexy encounter, dim the lights, put on some pretty lingerie, and get comfortable. If you're nervous, drink a glass of red wine to calm your jitters.

Start by mentioning the last time you were together and the fun you had. Tell your lover that you miss him. Ask him what he's wearing and tell him what you're wearing. Mention how great your last sexual encounter was. Such verbal foreplay should get you both in the mood.

Continue the pillow talk by taking off bits and pieces of your clothes and telling your lover all the juicy details. Tell him where you want to be touched and how. Begin touching yourself that way, pretending it's your lover. Masturbation should really heat up the conversation. If you're having trouble getting into it, try closing your eyes. It can really help you get in the mood.

Encourage your lover to tell you what he is doing and have him describe all the hot, steamy details. Be sure to respond to any questions he asks and suggestions he makes.

Let yourself go! Lose your inhibitions! Enjoy the feelings coursing through your body.

Keep going until you've both had an orgasm. Then be sure to tell your partner how great the phone sex was.

Phone sex is a really fun, healthy experience -- one that can make your in-person trysts even hotter.

What other tips do you have for phone sex?


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loved... lovedrive101

Thanks for the great tips on having phone sex!  The more you practice having phone sex with your spouse the easier it will get.  Then after you are done having phone sex then you can break out your Adult Novelties to finish off the night.  Romance is in the air. 

Ricman Ricman

Girls i'm coming...

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