5 Most Common Relationship Fights & How to Avoid Them

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Couples fight. We know this. Even the most functional couples have spats now and again. Relationship fights, they happen.

However, there are many relationship fights that happen that can be avoided. Because let's face it -- the more stress and fighting a relationship has, the less enjoyable it is.

Here are some common relationship fights and how to (hopefully) avoid them.

1. Money. The most common relationship fights are about money. How it's spent. How much you have. How "responsible" you are with it. Finances put a major strain on most relationships. You can prevent (some) of these spats by being upfront about money and making sure you're both working toward the same goals.

2. The past. It's really tempting to pick a fight over the past. Maybe you had unresolved fights. Maybe one (or both) of you cheated. Maybe there are issues with an ex. To avoid this ugly fight, remember the past is unchangeable. In order to move toward the future, you have to let the past go. I mean, really let it go.

3. Jealousy. The green-eyed monster is one of the more common relationship pitfalls. Maybe you're jealous that your man (or woman) was flirting with a coworker. Or that cute waitress. Or the bartender. Jealousy is normal, but also easily avoidable. Remind yourself that your partner is with you because he or she wants to be -- not because he or she has to be.

4. Sex. Often in a relationship, one partner wants to have sex more often than the other. This can lead to all kinds of relationship fights if you're not careful. If sex is a common relationship fight for you, you may want to sit down and examine the underlying issues.

5. Communication. Most fights (relationship or otherwise) are caused by a breakdown in communication. Effective relationships involve effective communication -- which can be hard. So sit back and listen -- really LISTEN -- to what your partner is saying, acknowledge his or her feelings, and work together to be more effective communicators.

What are some of the common fights in YOUR relationships?


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jalaz77 jalaz77

Kids and money. My grandma said those are the 2 most common fights in a marriage. She is right. We argue but not really fight. We get through it.

maimutsa maimutsa

Communication, or lack therof is what we fight about. Sometimes we don`t even fight coz i feel he doesn`t understand me so why bother?

Confu... ConfusedLove88

Our major issues were about sex and families meeting the other person

Susan... SusannaSellers

Call of Duty. All I need to say...

Bertha21 Bertha21

I agree with Susanna! lol My SO used to play almost 24/7!!!! Now he is into World Of Warcraft *puke* It is the thing we fight about the most. Stupid video games :/

Eliza... ElizabethZ3

Another vote for here for video games, that and eating all the ice cream/doritos I buy before me or the kids even get to have any - SO annoying.

AyaTa... AyaTachihara

Video games. Damn. Video games, porn addiction, and his just being a general psycho ruined my relationship with my ex. 

alynette alynette

sex, communication and the past. 

i was on the pill a couple years ago and my sex drive was non-existant. so instead of talking about it, the hubs decided to started dirty emailing an ex of his. 

we've worked it out and still going :)

cherylam cherylam

money, money &....money. I swear if he didn't bitch about money he'd burst.  I make more, and on paper we have enough...but turn him loose in a store and he buys stuff he never uses. I spend $20. in a fabric store and he rants and raves for HOURS.  And if my adult kids asks for any... OMG!!  But if his daughter asks for money, we can't get it to her fast enough.    Needless to say, I will not discuss any money issues, and we've started his & hers bank accounts.  I don't like it, but the arguments have dropped in both frequency and ferocity.

mandi... mandiNthomas

Check check check check check... not too bad for a Sunday..

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