Online Dating Is Easier When Grandma's Involved


keyboardSigning up for an online dating site can be nerve-wracking -- what profile pic do I use? what should I say my interests are? if I shave two years off my age, do I need to adjust the year I graduated? -- but one 24-year-old woman has discovered the trick to making the whole experience not only tolerable, but super fun. Kayli Stollack knew it would be easier to go through the online dating bowels with a buddy, and enlisted the help of a wingman.

Not just any wingman, though. Stollack got her 76-year-old grandmother, Gail, to sign up for OKCupid, too.

The dynamic duo swap stories, lament about lame dates, cheer each other's successes, and laugh about the commonalities in the dating world that seem to know no age. The pair appeared on Good Morning America to share their Dos and Don'ts when it comes to navigating the Internet dating scene -- my favorite tip was "don't brag about sexual technique." Thanks, Grandma.

Kayli and Gail have a good thing going and bring up an interesting point. Maybe the buddy system can be helpful when you're two single gals on the virtual town. It's always nice, no matter what the topic, to have someone to talk to who understands what you're going through. Seems like signing up with a friend is a great idea, and if you've got a single granny? Even better.

I never really thought that dating could be a group activity but Kaylie and Gail's story is inspiring. I bet a lot of people resolved in 2012 to get more into the dating scene ... maybe doing so with a friend or family member or heck, a senior citizen, could make the prospect a little less daunting.

Do you use online dating sites? Do you have a wingman?


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Melis... Melissa042807

I met my husband through an online dating site. The most helpful thing I did was to not go on a date with every guy who contacted me. Just because they contact you does not mean you're obligated to go out with them. If you get red flags, you get 'em for a reason. Go with your gut. 

Momto... MomtoMira

I agree with pp. If you feel that something is not quite right, listen to yourself. I ended up on a date with a guy I didn't realize that I had gone to school with and really disliked. If I knew it was him, I would not have met him for coffee. The date went so terribly, that the lady at the table next to us, scooted her table as far away from us as possible.

On the other hand, I met my husband online at a dating site. So it can work, but weed out the icks.

nonmember avatar Allie

I guess we allgot lucky! I met my hubby on a dating site too! It would be cool to be a wingman. GO Granny! I remember trying dating sites for the first time and it took time to weed out the bad sites. It helped to read some reviews and see what others were saying. Something like should help. Best of luck!!

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