Man Dying of Cancer Gave Most Beautiful Birthday Gift to Wife (VIDEOS)


kristian anderson video tribute to wife rachelKristian Anderson died at the age of 36 on January 2, after battling bowel cancer since October 2009, but before he said goodbye one last time, he made a touching video tribute for his wife, Rachel, for her birthday. He somehow even got the New Zealand Prime Minister John Key and actor Hugh Jackman to participate. And although he had only posted the video online for family and friends to view, within a week, the clip had 300,000 hits. It spread like wildfire, and pretty soon, people all over the world had seen Kristian's Love Actually-esque declaration to his wife. The couple ended up going on tons of talk shows -- even met Oprah!

Looking back, it seems like there was something about Kristian and Rachel's story that so many people all over the world could connect to. 

Here's the original video, if you've yet to see it ...

Ugh, all kinds of heart-wrenching, right? When their little boys came on is when I lost it. Kristian really hit a nerve with this video, because as he told Sky News before he passed away, it touched on that "universal theme of loss or the possibility of loss, and staying with the person you found who is right for you." He is so right.

Realizing that life is so short and your time together may be so fleeting really makes you want to resolve to tell your partner that you love them more, talk through misunderstandings instead of fight, try to listen better, etc. But besides the age-old reminder of carpe diem, it should make you want to be a better person ... for the person you love.

It seems like Kristian really strove to do that in his final days. Here's the interview he and Rachel did with Sky News that really puts the whole phenomenon in perspective.

I'm sure the whole world's prayers are with Rachel and the Anderson boys during this tough time. But thanks to these videos and interviews, Rachel will never doubt her husband's eternal love for her.

Do you feel as though you can relate to Kristian and Rachel's story?


Image via redzbladex/YouTube



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Manda369 Manda369

<3 heartbreaking but love the message within his message.  Life is too short for some.simple frown

baby1... baby1love

wow that's amazing..... i seriously have no words that's so beautiful. All my prayers to go them and thier family.

rache... racheljessee

omg. crying so hard- what a love story!

Kelli... KelliansMom

My husband was lucky enough to beat cancer last year ..i so feel her pain and emotion, the video brought up  a lot of emotions i had thought i had forgot what a tear fest ...we truly do need a a cure 

lulab... lulabellalula

oh man. i'm at work right now trying not to cry. that is so gut & heartwrenching. I can't wait to go home & kiss my husband. 

BPayne09 BPayne09

So sweet and so heartbreaking. I completely boo hoo'd watching it.

cherylam cherylam

wow!!!  That's all!!!  Many prayers for this wonderful mans' wife, children &  family... peace to him on his I'm going to go hug & kiss my husband, a wonderful gentle man...

Izzan... Izzandage417

I'm still crying right now! What a beautiful birthday present. Fills my heart with hope!

nonmember avatar Susan Brusco

What a wonderful love they shared. It would be great if we could all have such a love. I hope there will someday be a cure for all cancers so no other wife or child will suffer such a loss.

Prett... PrettyMomma24

Omg...that is soooo sad! Made me tear up!

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