Newt Gingrich for Open Marriage -- Thanks, But No Thanks!


marianne gingrichYou've probably heard by now: Newt Gingrich's second ex-wife, Marianne Ginther Gingrich, will be on Nightline tonight discussing the House Majority leader's request for an open marriage. Gasp! Clearly, this is going to have some political repercussions, because who would want a polygamous POTUS?!

To be honest, I could care less what Newt or anyone else wants to do in the bedroom or in their own relationship. I know National Geographic and TLC love to promote the pants off of their shows about people with open relationships that come in a rainbow of numbers, colors, genders, etc. And that's cool, but when it comes to what seems to really work for me -- and come on, let's be real, most Americans -- it's monogamy all the way.

It's not because the idea of an open marriage is too kinky or bizarre. Having more than one partner seems like a tame way to fight the sexual repression in this country! It's more that I don't think it would be as fulfilling or satisfying as it might seem on paper.

I'll never forget an essay I once read in Marie Claire in which the author was talking about how she gave her hubby a threesome for his b-day. She thought she was being sexually open and openminded, but in the end, the whole experience fell flat for her. She said it was "nice." She didn't end up feeling jealous the way most of us probably think we would, but she was left feeling unsettled and a bit bothered by the whole ordeal. In the end, it didn't really create the fireworks she had hoped for either.

And it seems to me an open marriage would very much have the same effect for most people. Furthermore, what's the point of even being married if you want to have more than one partner? I'm sure it works for some people. In fact, I know it has worked for certain couples. (According to The People vs. Larry Flynt, the Hustler publisher and his wife, Althea, had sex with whomever they both pleased, ha, but obviously, they were living a certain lifestyle!) But most of us? Our hearts just weren't built for multiple partners. For that reason, I sure as hell don't blame Marianne for responding to Newt's request with a big fat "NO."

What do you think about open marriages -- crazy or potentially cool?


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nonmember avatar autumn

FOR open marriage but AGAINST gay marriage?? Now who's making a mockery of the cherished institution the conservatives are so quick to defend? Give me a break.

music... musicmom08

Newt… Newt… Newt     

Tongues are going to be wagging.   

meatb... meatball77

To make things worse this is his second wife whom he started dating when his first wife was in the hospital with cancer.

prplecat prplecat

Let's see...he left his first wife when she had cancer.  Then he left his second wife when she was diagnosed with MS.  Now he's too damn old to get another wife that he might actually want...Callista's pretty safe.  His life speaks volumes to his character.

starr... starrsitter

First, I personally have no problem with polygamy or open marriages when all the parties are consenting adults. I think Newt's infidelity, serial marriage, and now this (if true) make him an enormous hypocrite, though, when he talks about the sanctity of marriage in the context of opposing marriage equality.

My understanding of this situation (and I could be mistaken) is that he wanted a divorce.  She asked if there was someone else.  There was.  They went to counselling and he eventually proposed an open marriage.  That is not how this works.  You don't ask if you can have a cookie after you get caught with your hand in the jar.

SashN... SashNicole

I agree that whatever happens in someone's bedroom is their business and theirs alone. However, I find it insanely hypocritical that this man wants his lifestyle to be accepted, but won't honor gay marriage. You can't have it both ways!!

nonmember avatar Nan

Not all schools can afford teacher's aides in their classroom. For a teacher to walk a student down to the nurses' office would mean leaving a classroom of students unattended for a period of time.

zandh... zandhmom2

I don't care about his "open marriage" request.  I think it was his way of forcing his wife into a divorce, which is what he really wanted.

DebaLa DebaLa

It's a rare POTUS who doesn't cheat... yawn. Hilarious tho, that he'd indict Clinton at the same time he's doin' the dirty with someone else. How many ways can we say 'HIPOcrite.'

Um, there's no polygamy going on, no one's doing multiple marriages, only sordid affairs — some replete with secret love children.

Numom... Numom61507

Wow. No one else is disturbed by the fact that there are THREE women in this world that want to sleep with Newt Gingrich???

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