10 Signs He's Definitely in Love With You


If only we could peek into the minds of our significant others and see what they really think of us. Oh wait, maybe not. Either way, it would be nice if our dates came with Magic 8 Balls or Ouija boards to help decipher their behavior, wouldn't it?

Sometimes, we simply have to guess at what our significant other is thinking, which can be particularly difficult at the start of a relationship when you're just getting to know each other.

So let's decode what he means and figure out if he's in love with you! Here are 10 signs that he's in love with you. Yes you!

1. He smiles at you. Not just when he's trying to get some.

2. He talks to you for a long, LONG time. Guys aren't usually big talkers ... until they find someone they care about.

3. He cuddles you up. When a guy doesn't love a girl, he won't cuddle her up. When he does, you know there's something there.

4. He genuinely cares about you. He wants to know all about you, your likes and dislikes, your favorite dinner, what makes you laugh.

5. He goes out of his way for you. That extra mile is nothing if it makes you happy.

6. Those quirks you find annoying, well, he thinks they're awesome. So what if you hate that you go crazy without having enough hand-soap, or have a Diet Coke habit worthy of an intervention? He thinks you're great just as you are.

7. The chemistry is incredible. You're both on the same page, you think alike, and when you're together, the heat is incredible.

8. He loves spending time with you. It doesn't matter what you're doing, so long as you're together.

9. He'll compromise for you. Sure, you both want things your own way, but suddenly, he's willing to cave on things that once mattered.

10. He starts making plans for the future. With you.

How do you know that your significant other loves you?


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navyw... navywife0204

we seem to know what the other is thinking... which was proven a couple of times today.  I have the benefit of having known my husband for the last 22 years, married 11.  we just fit. 

jaxmadre jaxmadre

This just sounds like first few months of dating to me. Maybe it's time to start dating someone else so I can have "love?"

Here's some of mine

11. He loves you if he stands by you through a harder time, and sees you through to the other side.
In other words, he doesn't bail on you when things aren't easy.

12. He doesn't ask you if "you're on your period" when you're mad at something stupid he did and then...

13. ...He actually listens to you and apologizes with sincerity

14. He doesn't flinch when you DVR "The Bachelor" 

15. He helps your mother with something she needs help with (mows the lawn, chops onions, fixes that busted tail-light)

16. He calls you to let you know he's going to be late, instead of letting you worry

17. He doesn't criticize your full-coverage panties. He realizes--they come off just as easy as the thong. 

18. He always helps you wash the dishes 

19. Even though he knows you can do it, he makes sure your car is serviced without asking. He wants to take care of you and make sure the car you're driving is safe.

nonmember avatar Scrumdiddly

@jaxmadre should have written this post instead! Her list summed up real long-term love.

The Aunt Becky list sounds like what @jaxmadre said, like the first few months of dating.

It also sounded like typical things a guy does to make you think he loves you so that you will have sex with him.

emmas... emmasmama2007

I agree, when people first start dating, you can't quite distinguish from love enfaTuation/lust.

CPN322 CPN322

I agree withy jaxmadres list.

RaeTy RaeTy

lol... i knew my hubby was in love with me when he offered to let me try some food off of his plate....hubby DOES NOT SHARE FOOD!! never know grilled chicken could cause the warm fuzzies!

nonmember avatar kelsey oakes

I think i know that my boyfriend is nearly getting to the falling in love with me stage:

1. He brings me sandwiches for breakfast after he finishes work

2. He kicks his best friend out of the house as soon as i come round

3. He let's me wear his clothes

4. He gets rid of bugs I'm scared of

5. He helped me and stood by me and cared for me when I aborted our baby

6. He's suggested we live together

7. He's called me his wife before when he's been on the phone to his friends

8. He's talked about marriage


nonmember avatar johnnyregular

No, that's not a list of what guys do when their in love. That's a list of things you want from a guy. Irresponsible/inconsiderate guys fall in love too.

Bodda... Boddah266

It may just be because I'm a Star Wars loving, Doctor Who watching, video game playing Sci-Fi nerd but my husband absolutely fits every one of those. 

I show my love by ribbing people and poking a bit of fun at them and my husband is the cuddling, lovey, dovey type. We're completely ass backwards. haha!

nonmember avatar chenley

When he wakes up he whispers "come closer" cuz he wants to put his arms around me.

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