Ladies Who 'Can't Orgasm' Need a New Excuse


The clitoris is a pretty interesting organ. In fact, it's the only organ in the human body (both male and female) that exists solely to give pleasure. Despite some theories that the female orgasm leads to more conception (and certainly to more sex), the clitoris itself doesn't have a biological function that is immediately obvious. This is why it has so rarely been studied (and perhaps why so many men can't find it). Lucky for us, some scientists decided we ladies deserved more and it's a good thing they did.

It turns out, all those dudes who can't find the "little man in the boat" were right. Because the part of the clitoris that is on the outside is only one tiny part of the entire wonderful organ. The majority of the clitoris is inside the pelvis. It's far more internal than external.

Our little "bulb" is actually much bigger than we could have imagined, and it finally answers some questions about orgasms. Yes, clitoral and vaginal orgasms are the same thing. MIND BLOWING.

The thing we call a "vaginal orgasm" is just stimulation of the internal clitoris. In fact, the glans (the part of the clitoris we see) is connected to the body or shaft of the internal clitoris. When erect, that shaft wraps around the vagina tightly, making the canal tighter (so more pleasurable to the man) and also giving women the goods.

But it doesn't stop there. These two legs extend and point toward the thighs, stretching back toward the spine when erect. It almost looks like a largish wishbone in the female body. Pretty cool, eh?

This research isn't exactly new (it came out last year), but the ways in which it affects us all kind of are. Now, instead of vaginal orgasms, we know we can stimulate the clitoris from different angles. Now, there is simply no excuse for not being able to orgasm. Our bodies are made for the task, in fact.

The reality is that, while I am no scientist, I do know that all women aren't built exactly the same. Still, if the outside area of the clitoris works, then the inside ought to work, too. So the whole idea that some women simply can't orgasm internally has to be a fallacy.

By manually stimulating the outside, the inside becomes erect, wraps tightly around the vagina, and voila! You have an orgasm. This means more foreplay, more experimentation, and maybe getting to know our bodies in a whole new way. But it does give hope, right? That elusive vaginal orgasm seems much more in reach if we (or someone we love) touches us just right.

Now we can have fun with science! This is the best news of last year!

Do you think some women can't vaginally orgasm anymore?


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nonmember avatar ele4phant

This is not news. I learned about it in sex ed, over a decade ago.

Eques... EquestrianMom

Yup, not news. That said, I have to be aroused to a fairly high degree to orgasm from penetration, and when my back is "out" (I have a back injury which causes nerve issues) I can't orgasm at all. I can be mentally aroused, and possibly horny as all heck, but can't feel my lady parts well, or sometimes at all. Our solution? A good back rub nearly always lets my muscles relax to allow bones to slide back in place, unpinching nerves, and let me orgasm! Plus, free back rub? Hello? LMAO! 

nonmember avatar JudyofColumbia

Scientist she is not. She over-simplifies a concept about which she has no education. Googling information about basic anotomy and physiology doesn't qualify one to be a sex therapist. In short, this was a silly attempt at playing doctor/therapist. I would go into great detail about why this "writer" is wrong, but it would be too long and I very much doubt she'd be able to comprehend what I would be talking about.

nonmember avatar anon

Our bodies are also made to bear children, but if we can't are we making excuses there too ? Wth!?

nonmember avatar opaljones

The inability to orgasm involves a lot more than being the proud owner of a clitoris and stimulating it. Do a little research before you put your opinion on blast, eh?

Spaxy Spaxy

What JudyofColumbia said. This article is condescending and simplifies an very personal and individual experience. "There is simply no excuse for not being able to orgasm"? Shut the hell up and speak for yourself, writer. Some women experience side effects from medication or depression that cause them to have lower libido, some women need different variations in sex that may not happen every time for them, etc. This article is ridiculous.

nonmember avatar ele4phant

I also want to mention something that the linked blog didn't discuss: while the clitoris is far more extensive than the little nub outside of our vaginas, this nub is where all the nerve endings are bundled together, sort of akin to the head of a guys penis (except there are far more nerves and its far more sensitive). If the head of a guy's penis was gone or wasn't being stimulated, he could still feel pleasure but it would be significantly diminished. Same with us, many women can still enjoy sex with vaginal penetration only, but if the head of the clitoris isn't being stimulated, many of us will not get off.

NoR_C... NoR_CaL_MoMmY

My best friend can orgasm during a 5 minute quickie. No special tricks needed. Me, I can't even after foreplay and wild sex.. . We try, I can't. It's not an "excuse", it's the truth and it sucks. Granted I've been pregnant or breast feeding for 6.5 years so hopefully once my body is my own again things will get better.

It's offensive to me to say it just an excuse. Who wouldn't want to orgasm?!

Torto... Tortoise77

I think she used the word excuse in the wrong contexts. I want to hope that she meant to say "reason" not "excuse" There is a difference between them. Would it sound better if she said: 

Ladies Who 'Can't Orgasm' Need a New Reason as to why they can't orgasm. 

Its not that they cant. Of course everyone can. The problem is that there are many reason why women can't reach an orgasm, it can be emotional or physical. There are many factors but it is NOT impossible.  

By the way, some of you women are so offended that it definitely seems like you all NEED AN ORGASM!!! don't give up ladies. Keep trying because YOU can orgasm. Even if its not your man giving it to you, explore yourself... ; )

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