Adorable LEGO Marriage Proposal Will Steal Your Heart (VIDEO)


LEGO groomDid you ever see one of those big, over-the-top marriage proposals and wonder: what the heck would that guy have done if she actually said no? Take Walter Thompson. He's the guy who spent 30 hours using LEGOs to make possibly the cutest pop the question video you will ever see.

Filled with cute references to their combined histories -- from the overalls he was really wearing the day he met girlfriend Nealey Dozier (you may know her better as food blogger Dixie Caviar) to itty bitty examples of foods that spark special stories -- the stop motion animation video is the kind of thing you usually see in professional settings. Because he worked THAT hard on it. Seriously, check it out:

Show of hands: who wants to marry this guy now? Of COURSE Dozier saw that and said you bet your sweet bippy I'll marry you (well, something to that effect!). It's kind of hard to say no to four days, hundreds of dollars, and thousands of photographs worth of work, isn't it? Over-the-top can be cheesy (ahem, Jumbotron proposal planners -- take heed), but when it's done right, it works.

I'm kind of wondering if Thompson is due some hate mail from all the guys out there who have just had the ante upped on proposing. Anyone can drop to one knee and throw out the famous four words (um, that would be "will you marry me"). It takes, what, 30 seconds? Now compare that to 30 hours of movie making magic. Who do you think is guaranteed to get the girl? Yeah, that's what I thought.

I think most couples know when the time is right, so it wasn't exactly a risk for Thompson to put this much effort into the proposal. But it's the thoughtfulness that really puts this question popping in a class of its own.

Have you had an over-the-top proposal? What do you think of them?


Image via FirePit Pictures/Vimeo



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nonmember avatar Renee2011

Idk about all big marriage proposals, but this one is a total WIN in my book!

nonmember avatar Liz

Yeah, maybe I'm just having a bad day, but that certainly didn't do it for me...

momma... mommaofemma

it wasnt that awesome


aunti... auntieellie

Yes Liz you are having a bad day!  That was cute.....didnt make me cry but definitely thoughtful!  Hope your day gets better!

Trini... Trinijewel

Awww.. How sweet!

gen791 gen791

Thats adorable!!! Love it!! :)


Maken... MakenzieG

That was adorable and impress. On top of showing that he clearly cares enough to spend an insane amount of time on his lady, I"m sure it had tons of significance in their relationship that we can't see from the outside. 

The fact that he created a LEGO Star Wars wedding scene -- priceless.

Ballo... Balloonstory

That was a wonderful video.  Not only does stop motion animation take forever, it takes enormous patience.  

Mine was a little more public, but thank God it wasn't a jumbotron.  

My husband and I met at a balloon convention - we're both family entertainers.  At the same convention three years later, he was scheduled to perform in the final night stage show. 

He's on stage with this romantic music, and the scene is a dressing room.  He removes his jacket and hat, then starts to remove his suspenders.  At this point he looks at the audience like it's the first time he's noticed them.  So, for "privacy," he inflates a 6-foot pink balloon and climbs inside of it.  Moments later the balloon pops and he's in a tux.  He then straightens his tie, puts his tux jacket on, grabs balloon flowers and a balloon ring box from a chair on the set, and then starts to walk off the stage into the audience.

Only at this point did I have any clue what he was up to.  In front of 275 of our closest friends, he got down on one knee and proposed. (BTW the ring was real because he's a smart man.)

The funniest part for me is that earlier that day I had rented that tux for him for a gag that was supposed to happen later in the show and had no suspicion that he had anything else in mind!  


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