Mushy 'I Love You' Comments on Facebook Are Awesome


Every few months, there is a post on my Facebook feed from someone who is "disgusted" by displays of love on Facebook. The passive aggression is just too funny, of course, but I see the point. It can be kind of eye-rollingly annoying to have a feed full of love.

"My wife is the most beautiful woman in the world," my friend Mark's status might read. The next day, his wife's status is this: "Alice think she has the most wonderful husband in history." It's always certain couples and it sure can get cringe-worthy, but for the most part, I like it. The fact is, unless you know the couple personally and know that they're overcompensating for a less-than-stellar relationship, then it's nice to see two people in love.

There is far too much hating going on in the world and far too little loving. So why does it annoy people so much?

Singer Pink and her husband of six years Carey Hart recently took to Twitter to profess their love. "Happy anniversary to my beautiful wife who I love so much," Hart tweeted last week. While some might groan at the public use of technology to express love, I say why not?

The only time it grosses me out is when I know the couple in question is just faking their "love" to get attention or to feign perfection. But for most couples, it's just how they feel. I know I am very guilty of this.

I would guess half my Facebook friends want to puke each time I post about my love for my spouse, but the fact is, I do love him and I want to declare it. If I am feeling it, why wouldn't I say it? And a better question might be: Why does it bother you? Are you really so unhappy in your own life and marriage that you feel the need to knock someone else's? If so, you have bigger problems than some affectionate Facebook pals.

This all goes back to the question of PDA and how it really grosses some people out to even see a couple holding hands. Why? Isn't that a nice thing? A worthy thing? Something we should want to see more of?

Truthfully, when I see two friends who have been married as long as I have who have more than one child and full-time jobs who can still express love for one another, I am happy. It makes me happy. When I see a cousin who is recently married declaring her love for her new husband, it makes me feel good about my marriage and makes me smile for her. And when my younger friend who just got engaged waxes on and on about her love for her fiance, my heart soars for her.

If you have a problem with "love" on Facebook, then maybe you are the one with the problem, not the lovebirds themselves.

Does love on Facebook annoy you?


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PonyC... PonyChaser

No. Unless it's the only thing they post about. Six times a day. I'm the same way with PDA. If you want to hold hands, even peck on the cheek/lips now and again, more power to ya. But if you're in a full-fledged make-out, grope session? Find a room.

I have the same feelings about those who have a pet cause (I have a friend who is "into" finding a cure for Diabetes), religion, or other topic. A post now and then about it, to raise awareness, to highlight a meaningful piece of scripture, fine. But don't flood my feed with your activism. I'll just block you, and that kinda puts the screws to your activism/preaching.

Kritika Kritika

An accquaintance of mine mushes about her amazing, perfect husband every other facebook post. Too bad he cheated on her dozens of times and out of everyone that knew (and everyone did, he was on our College basketball team) can't believe no one told her. If I were closer with her I would have.

nonmember avatar Liz

The occasional status professing your love is one thing, but a lot of couples get out of hand. I have a friend, who I love dearly, but she and her boyfriend constantly write mushy messages on each others facebook walls, even though they live together! I have a hard time understanding couples who are always writing lovey dovey messages on each others facebook pages, when they could literally turn to their left and just say it in person. My SO and I would probably make people throw up with all the mushy stuff we say to each other, but we keep our most intimate moments to ourselves. I'd rather tell him how much he means to me while we're cuddling in bed, than to get online and write it on his facebook page...

CPN322 CPN322

LOVE this article and totally agree!! Whats so weird as I was just on FB and someones status was calling out the fake couples you mentioned. Weird coincidence.

CPN322 CPN322

I do agree with PonyChaser as well.

bandg... bandgeek521

I'm one of those who often leaves my husband "mushy" comments, lol, so I can't say that it bothers me. ;)

zandh... zandhmom2

I agree with Liz. I can see if it's your anniversary or their birthday, go ahead and gush but if is just to do it to "prove" your love, I think it's ridiculous.  Just like Liz says, if you can turn to your s/o and just say it to them, then that's what you should do.

lindy... lindylouwho

My boyfriends cousin does this and it drives me nuts!  Every single post on her Facebook page is about how much she loves her boyfriend and how much she misses him while he's at work.  Give it a rest!  And BTW, everyone knows he's cheated on you, multiple times.  And that you got pregnant while "on the pill" because he wanted to leave you.  Do you have a life?  Anything else that's even remotely interesting to share?  I post mushy shit on our anniversary or, for instance, thank my boyfriend for supporting us while I quit my job to go back to school.  So maybe two or three posts per year.  Every damn post though?  Annoying!

nonmember avatar lol

I don't think occasional post or status message is a bad thing but I can tell you I would rather read about ppl loving each other all the time than read about all the drama in one's life... or reading bitch posts because someone doesn't like comments left about their drama... ppl not everyone wants to know every move you make, every little thing that makes you mad or about all the drama in your life... me personally, I'll read mushy stuff all day long if it means I don't have to read all the whining and crying about how ones life sucks...

nonmember avatar Zoofopybole

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