Everything You Need to Know to Pick the Best Online Dating Site for You


laptop online datingIn this day and age, it's become increasingly popular to use online dating sites to find and meet potential mates. New dating sites seem to pop up all over the place, slowly expanding into all of the niche markets. But how does one go about choosing which dating site to use - especially if they cost money?

Here is what you need to know about popular online dating sites.

Match.com is one of the oldest online dating sites -- having been in business for more than 15 years -- and boasts that celebrities like Ricki Lake and Jenny McCarthy have used it. However, it's got more than 20 million users, and is often known as "hookup.com" although their new dating guarantee ("find someone special in 6 months or get 6 months free") is trying to revamp that image. The site is not free, and for an extra fee, you can pay for the Dr. Phil package, which offers dating dips and video modules.

eHarmony is one of the main competitors of Match.com, and boasts that 2 percent of marriages in the United States today were a result of using its dating site. Unlike Match.com, who expects you to wade through 20 million profiles, eHarmony selects possible mates for you based upon your answers to questions. These questions are designed to stop you from choosing the same type of mate over and over again, which, if you're using the site, hasn't worked in the past. It may be one of the better sites available if you're looking for a real relationship.

OK Cupid is a free online dating site that uses a numbers-based system to match potential mates. Singles can also be narrowed down by location and age. This math-based system uses a formula based upon your answers to questions, how important the question is to you, personally, and how you'd like a potential mate to answer.

Chemistry.Com uses a doctor-designed personality test to match up potential mates. It claims that the personality test will help get to know the person behind the profile, thus ending bad dates.

Plenty of Fish is a free site and has more than 37 million active users. The site claims that over a million people sign up for their dating site every month. One of the ways the site weeds through all those users to find a proper date for you is by taking its Chemistry Test, which matches compatible personalities.

JDate is an online dating site targeted toward Jewish singles. If you're Jewish, this site is special because it not only hooks you up with various mates, it teaches you how to date. The site membership comes with professional, expert dating advice, along with information about how to choose a perfect mate, how to respond to potential mates, as well as some rules for online dating.

ChristianMingle is a Christian singles community designed to match those of similar Christian faith. ChristianMingle hopes to create meaningful connections and marriages between those within the Christian faith. The site offers prayer requests, bible studies, and testimonials to members. It does not, however, have any space for those looking for same-sex relationships.

Which dating sites have you used in the past?


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hanna... hannahsmom238

I met my husband on eharmony.

nonmember avatar anja

okcupid - met quite a few guys off there, had a lot of fun. boyfriend was found on that site, highly recommended if you're offbeat.

lucky... luckydog1029

I went out a few times with a guy I met on eharmony , before switching to chemistry.com where I was matched up with my husband. I preferred these sites to match because I had a history of choosing inappropriate men and decided I needed someone else to pick for me. (Full disclosure: my hubby and I had been buddies, but never dated when we worked together 13 years before being matched online--I thought he was too nice! We had sort of lost touch, but when he showed up in my matches, my friends were not surprised!

ashja ashja

I want to try these but they scare me a little, does anyone know which ones screen best? How did you make sure you weren't getting someone dangerous?

mande... manderspanders

I <3 Plenty of Fish!!! Best dating site I tried, had the most features for no cost. And, of course, I met my husband on Plenty of Fish. He put me on his favorites because he liked my picture. I messaged him because of his witty humor in his profile... That was in Oct 2009; we were just married this past May.

mande... manderspanders

Ashja: its truly up to you make sure you check up on dates before you meet them in person. I did have a bad experience with a guy who had been in prison for sexual assult - I ignored my gut feeling on that and shouldn't have. After the I checked everyone on our state's sex offender registry, our state's dept of corrections list, scoured facebook and google for any other info and to correlate stories. When I went on dates, I had at least one friend with all the info and to call to check up on me if I hadn't checked in at a certain time. You can't be too careful and there are a lot of duds.

butte... butterflymkm

I met my hubby many years ago when we were still teens and online dating was still seen as weird and creepy. Last year, the site we met on (espin the bottle, don't laugh-we were teenagers!) closed down. That made me a little sad.

Green... GreenKnitMama

I had a profile on OK Cupid before I met my hubby, and all I got responding to me were freaks. I had one guy email me because his wife liked me, picked me out of a bunch of other women, and they both wanted me to abandon my daughter and job and move into their house so we could be a big happy sexual family. I also got mostly guys looking for hookups...that's why I canceled my account.

WowIl... WowIllbeamom11

All I ever found on OKCupid were freaks and guys looking for hookups. I met my husband in college.

mande... manderspanders

I thought OKCupid was pretty much crap.  All dating sites have guys looking for hookups...  I had a date with a guy I was "matched" with on EHarmony... although he seemed nice enough (and bought me a steak), he ONLY wanted to hook up and that didn't happen.

It's a matter of patience and persistence; and being able to read between the lines... there are ALOT of duds.

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