Hiring a Wedding Proposal Planner Is a Ridiculous Waste of Money


I am told by my romantic friends that many (most?) women dream of strapping on the poofy white dress and walking down the aisle in her perfectly executed fairy-tale wedding to the man of her dreams. Some of these friends have planned out their intricate weddings since childhood, just waiting for Mr. Right to come along and sweep them off their feet.

Dream weddings, I hear from my friends with romance in their eyes, are all the rage.

But dream proposals? That's a new one for me.

So, in order to assure that your bride has the proposal she so desires, men are now hiring what are known as, "Proposal Planners."

I'll let you know when I can pick my jaw up off the floor.

For a fee, men -- or women -- can hire a special planner to help them plan an elaborate (read: expensive) proposal. What normally involves four words, "Will you marry me?" now can involve scenarios tailored for each bride (or groom)-to-be.

Sarah Pease of Brilliant Event Planning in New York typically charges $500 for helping devise a proposal plan -- although if she plans the whole proposal, it can cost up to $12,000 (plus, she notes, any fees for the site and transportation).

I think it's sweet that men -- and women -- want their partner to have a dream proposal, but there's something about enlisting an outside agency to help figure out what your partner wants that is kinda ... sketchy. For a little extra legwork, namely enlisting Dr. Google, you can figure out the perfect proposal on your own. FOR FREE.

And frankly, after all that legwork, time, money, and energy, the proposal planners cannot promise that the outcome of the whole ordeal will be exactly what the man -- or woman -- wants. There's no way to know that a bride -- or groom -- to-be will say "yes."

Imagine the humiliation that would go along with hearing "no" after uttering those four words and spending all that time and energy making it all a dream come true.

It boggles the mind.

Would you hire a Proposal Planner? Do you wish that your partner hard?


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Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Our proposal was accidental and spontaneous. It took over an hour, my hubby had something against our proposal happening in my cruddy student apartment so we had to go out for a walk. We wound up at the end of the pier, in thick fog, with my hubby on one knee in a puddle. It was perfect and nobody could ever plan it.

Kediset Kediset

I have to agree.. Isn't it the thought that counts? Though of course, you might want to get a general idea of your partner's likes/dislikes to give you an idea of what they might like to have for a proposal.

personally I'd just be happy being proposed to in general. Doesn't have to be anything big/fancy... well... let's just say, I do have some limits. Nothing that would put my life in danger or make me sick to the stomach ;o that is all.

Betwe... BetweenCourses

Man, I wish I had thought up this awesome money making scheme! What an incredible waste of money but if someone's willing to pay me $500 so they can propose, I'll take it!

count... countrygirlkat

For us there was no need for it because I would have said yes to DH with any proposal because I wanted to marry him and that was all that mattered.  I am not surprised by reading what you have written though.  I have heard of many a materialistic woman who will not say yes unless there is a large ring involved and the proposal meets her standards.  I have also heard of woman who lie about how their DH proposed to them because they don't feel the way he did it was romantic or over the top enough.  It makes me sad that there are people so shallow but there are so for some men it puts a lot of pressure and it doesn't surprise me they feel like they need help. 

atmar... atmartin06

I've been waiting 8 yrs for a proposal so honestly I don't care how he proposes at this point...I just want it to happen!  And I am pretty frugal about money so I would be pissed if he wasted money on a proposal planner.  Fortunately, I know he would never do that. I wouldn't even hire a wedding planner because we can do it for free.

nonmember avatar Erato

You should say "yes" to the person asking you, not to the proposal. Having a great proposal does not mean you will have a great marriage.

nonmember avatar Kendall

As proposal planners, we want to clear up what exactly our role is. It doesn't matter how much you have to spend or how big the diamond is, our goal is encourage guys to be thoughtful with their proposal. Take some time to think about what she would want. Whether it is on the beach or on top of a fancy hotel rooftop with 100's of people, it should fit her not what is going to look the best. When we work with our guys they take a lot of time and thought into filling out forms, talking to us about her and their biggest desire is always to make it special and personalized to their relationship. We are huge on personalization.

Another factor that people probably miss is we get hired to simply execute it. A lot of guys are traveling, don't know the area and or anyone in the area to help them or want to keep it a secret from their family but need another opinion. We give them the chance to not worry about anything and actually get to enjoy the moment too instead of worrying if everything is in place. Same as if you hire a travel agent or any other type of event planner. I hear what you are saying, but know it is never about how much money a guy comes in with, it is about his heart and desire to make her feel loved! Thanks for sharing your opinions!

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