Britney Spears Flaunts Her Understated Engagement Ring


Britney Spears engagement ring

See that sparkly thing on Britney Spears' ring finger in this photo at right, the one of her lifting a decadent two-tier birthday cake for her fiance Jason Trawick's 40th birthday? That's THE RING, the engagement ring Trawick gave Spears when he proposed, unveiled for the first time at his Las Vegas party last night. Can't make it out? Right, well, that's the point. It's only 3 karats. And by only that's purely from a celebrity point of reference. If I had been the type of person to say only in reference to my own engagement ring (which is not even a full karat by the by), I'd still be single.

 Spears' ring is still on the large size and absolutely stunning and I'm sure it costs a fortune. You can take a closer look at Britney Spears engagement ring here. But most celebrities don't do understated rings. They do huge, pretentious, my ring is better than your ring, rings. If Kim Kardashian had received Spears' ring instead of her 20.5 karat $2 million engagement ring from Kris Humphries she would have thrown it in his face and called off the relationship. Um ...

My the happy couple are truly having fun in this photo. I think third time is a charm for Britney, that she and Trawick are in it for keeps, and the ring is big part of that. It was designed by Neil Lane, a high couture brand, and has a vintage/historical feel to me that says "solid." You can also see by his website that Lane sells a line a Kay Jewelers in the mall, which to me says "regular people." And call me crazy but regular people marriages seem to be a lot more authentic and lasting than celebrity relationships.

But this is about more than just the ring, of course, it's about maturity. Trawick is 40 and Brit is a mom who has been talking about settling down and cementing her family once and for all for a while. It doesn't matter who actually picked out the ring, whether he surprised her or she told him what to get, because the final decision means that both were level-headed and mature enough to realize that what they (hopefully) have together isn't about an expensive status symbol.

Do you like Britney's engagement ring -- is it too big, too small or just right?


Image via Splash News

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linzemae linzemae

That ring is beautiful!

kelti... kelticmom

It's just right! Beautiful, tasteful, not overly flashy or gaudy like most celebrities skating rink sized rocks.

koolc... koolchicken

When discussing stones it's carat with a c. If you were talking about precious metals karat with a k would be correct.

As for the ring, it's very pretty but it shouldn't be the focus. This is a woman with a history of serious outburts and mental ilness. She is also the mother of two young boys who shouldn't be forgotten. Instead of talking about her ring, and in the coming months her dress, wedding, honeymoon why don't we leave her alone? If Britney doesn't have an audiance to focus on she'll have more time to devote to her children and her own well-being.

lynnd4 lynnd4

I think its sweet. They're in a world of keeping up with the Jones

lynnd4 lynnd4

*and they choose not to. 3 carats is nice.

LilMa... LilMama8808

Its bigger than mine but I like it!! It looks good on her hand. She's changing everyday!!! Go Brit!!!

mande... manderspanders

I'm kind of dumbfounded that there is a whole article dedicated to a ring... the most meaningless thing in a relationship...

nonmember avatar Becky

Beautiful, classic ring. Love it!

lehof... lehoffman

gorgeous. i liked her last ring too. I'm just happy to see her healthy, it was too sad to see someone suffering from obvious mental illness get mocked by the media for so long. 

jessi... jessicasmom1

each to their own I do not like big flashy things

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