How to Choose the Perfect Sex Toy


bedside tableWith a zillion and one sex toys out there, finding the right one for you can seem like a daunting task. Everywhere you go, there's new online retailers that offer about a million different styles, products, and sizes of sex toys.

So how do you know which one is right for you? Let me help you out.

Let me start my handy-dandy primer with this: quality matters. Take it from me, who once bought the absolute cheapest vibrator possible only to have it nearly explode while I was using it. Not, as you might guess, something I want to happen to you. Or anyone. Ever. Buying quality doesn't mean you have to spend a zillion dollars, just try and go with the middle of the road toy, price-wise. And what's even better is that most online retailers have a space for customer reviews, so you can easily tell what you're getting is a favorite ... or not.

That said, let's find you a sex toy!

  • I like to keep my sex toys versatile, especially when it comes to speed. That way I can adjust the speed and intensity whenever I want.
  • Most vibrators feel great on the clitoris, so anything you pick should be great there. I love the magic bullet for clitoral stimulation.
  • If you're looking for something to reach the g-spot (up inside the vagina) they make a lot of great vibrators specifically for that particular area. The rechargeable Gigi is a fan-favorite for g-spot stimulation.
  • And if you want a blended orgasm (I highly recommend) go with something like the Rabbit, which will stimulate both your g-spot AND your c-spot (clitoris) at the same time. They make a ton of different varieties of these. You have your choice of these.
  • If you're looking to be discreet about your sex toy, there's the Lipstick vibe which (supposedly) fools airport security every time. It'll also fool nosy roommates and children, should you want to hide your sex toy in plain sight.
  • My favorite, though (and yes, I've tried them all) is the We Vibe, which is a vibrator you can wear while having sex with a partner. It feels amazing for both involved and (here's the best part) can be used solo, too. It's like two for the price of one!

Good luck and happy shopping! Let me know if you find anything I haven't mentioned here!

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LOL! Sounds like you're an expert who has tried it all :.}

Brend... BrendaW11

Sex toys are fun, however my partner and I added the Deliberate orgasm Practice to our sex life and that is even better than sex toys. We love the DVD Deliberate Orgasm Duet that shows a woman being brought and maintained in orgasm for over 20 minutes. I found it on amazon but it is also here from the original company that made it

it took our relationship and our sex life to the next level and it is something I can use too when I am by myself. Just like a sex toy, you have to experiment with it after you have watched the video. We just love it so I wish everyone would have discover it.

buzzvibe buzzvibe

What, no information on sex toy material safety?! Stick with hard plastic, silicone, glass, and metal sex toys because they're nonporous and phthalate-free.

Also, there's no discussion on the importance of being familiar with your own anatomy when selecting a rabbit-style vibe. You have to pay attention to where the clit stimulatior is located in relation to shaft length. Rabbits are not one-size-fits-all toys. This is why women get frustrated with them.

nonmember avatar Ryan Thomas

The love of my life was highly unimpressed with Durex's new vibrator market offering. Which was a shame because of it's highly approchable look.

And BuzzVibes above comment is spot on.

Jerse... JerseyJen78

Also-if you want a simple vibe that can be used for vaginal insertion or on your clitoris, there are also traditional style vibrators.  A vibe such as the Inked Vibe or Hot & Smooth vibrator are slim, vibrators made of hard plastic that are great for people who are allergic to latex and pthalate free.  These types of vibrators are also great for beginners who do not want something complicated.  I also like the Hitachi Magic Wand.  This is a great vibrator for people who have kids as it does not look like a typical vibrator.  These vibe also packs a huge punch.  I definitely have been fortunate to work in this industry and have had the opportunity to try different vibrators and sex toys.

I would definitely recommend reading customer views on different web sites.  Consumers will give you an honest opinion on what his or her experience has been.

Teri_25 Teri_25

I agree with JerseyJen. I always use EdenFantasys when I shop because they have reviewers who offer their honest opinions and don't sugarcoat.

Jenny Salzwedel

If you have a porn star rush and want to create that fantasy pornstar inspired toys are awesome ! I fell in lust with male porn star flash brown after stumbling on one of his videos I GOT THE FLASH BROW DILDO AT plus the sent me 2 free vibes damn such a good deal!

nonmember avatar lee33

I used a vib. A long time ago well now that im in this new relationship with the women of my dreams we are trying to make this work we have some up and downs here lately well we were looking on a web site last night at some vibe. But i just dont know which one to choose but i want to keep this rrelationship because I really love her to death can anyone help me please

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