No Good Man Will Marry You If You Don't Follow These Tips


wedding bandsIt's the question of the ages -- what makes men want to marry some women? Is there a "marriage gene"? Do some women give off the "you must marry me" vibe? The answer is somewhere in the middle.

Ladies, if marriage is what you want, here are some actual tips you can follow to meet -- and marry -- Mr. Right (according to me).

Men may be attracted to your body, but marry for your character. That makes sense -- you can be beautiful but boring. Someone with an excellent personality will make a better, more interesting partner when looks fade.

Don't dress too provocatively. It's okay to whip out the sexy clothes once you're together, but when first impressions matter, don't act like you've been around the block -- if you want to keep his interest past a one-night stand.

Wow your future in-laws. A man really does care care that his future wife (or partner) makes a good impression on his family. It seems old-fashioned, but it makes sense. Who better to turn on the "when will you hurry up and marry her?" pressure than his own mother? Plus, if you're going to get in good with his mother, it's best to start that early.

Don't be a doormat. Men like women who don't accept crap from anyone, including them. Men actually appreciate women who call them on their shit -- at least, any man you'd want to marry.

It's the little things in life. While it's great to perform grand, sweeping gestures to show your man you love him, do the little things that make him happy. Even if it's as simple as helping with laundry during a busy time with work. Those are the things that show you care -- and the key to a long-term commitment.

Choose Mr. Right yourself. Date the good guys, avoid the bad. Look for someone who is trustworthy and kind. Someone who doesn't lie or cheat or bullshit. Someone who isn't married or otherwise taken. Choose a guy with similar values and interests. That will make a long-term commitment so much easier for you both.

Now where are these Mr. Rights? Do you think you are marriage material? What other qualities deserve to be mentioned?


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cocob... cocobeannns

These are pretty good tips. I agree with most of them. It is most definitely the little things in life that matter the most. I think having fun together is important. When you stop having fun and laughing, it gets boring. Being a team is important to me. That goes for everything; sharing the housework, finances, having each other's backs, and being supportive to one another. Having a backbone, speaking your mind, saying what you feel... All important things. (IMO).

Susie19 Susie19

Good article.  I agree with you. :)

nonmember avatar Odin

I picked a good wife primarily based on total values. The most long lasting aspect of a marriage is the kids. So I looked for good mommie potential and low probability of divorce = stable, practical and hard working. Just to 'stir' up your cup, I'll add that any one who marries based largely on 'quality' of sex or superficial aspects such as looks is really screwed up.

nonmember avatar dhc

My tips would be to communicate and listen to your gut.

sjchamp sjchamp

And don't settle. Like the song says " It's hard to belong to someone else when the right one comes along". :)

nonmember avatar Rachel

At first I used to go for attraction, that got me into some bad relationships. Then I just looked for great personality traits even if there was no attraction on my end, that equalled the worst sex ever. Then I lioked for a balance of both. A good man, with a good personality, even though not the life of the party, and good chemistry in the bedroom. Plus we are on the same page, wanting marriage and a family.

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