Women Need to Stop Being Such Porn Prudes Now


Your man almost definitely looks at porn. Some of us already know this, accept it, and move on, but others will say "maybe your man, but not mine" and insist that their man would never look at porn because "he isn't that kind of guy." Well, sister. You are wrong. Just about every man looks at porn, and if he says he doesn't, then he is lying. And now a new product lets women catch their men in that lie.

Find His Porn purports to sweep his hard drive in a secretive way and deliver all the information on his porn straight to the person who ordered the sweep. While it may seem like a great idea, it's actually a relationship killer.

If you have to search for his porn and it bothers you so much that he is doing what 99 percent of all men do, then you are already in trouble. Further, the lack of trust that makes a person do something like this is staggering.

A few years ago, a woman I know was beside herself with anger that her husband was looking at porn and she didn't approve of it. She threatened to leave him unless he stopped. He agreed to stop, though I am sure didn't stop looking. He just did it more secretly.

When she told me the story, I assumed she meant he was looking at violent porn or gay porn or even child porn given how angry she was. "It was like girls and guys like having sex," she said (I am paraphrasing). I sat, shocked for a moment. She was upset about that?

It wasn't sick or twisted, it wasn't depraved or illegal. It was porn. And she totally flipped out. Maybe this product would be great for someone like her, but for most of us who are in healthy, normal relationships where we actually communicate, honesty is the order of the day.

A husband shouldn't have to hide his porn any more than a wife should have to hide her shopping habits or interests or even her porn. If a husband and wife can't talk about their fantasies and be honest with one another, then they have much bigger problems than just looking at some porn.

Do you care if your husband looks at porn?


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Ms.Pu... Ms.PuNkrOckStar

LMAO Totally agree with u. Get ready for the ones that have husbands that "never" watch porn xD they get cheated on and dond rEalise it. What makes them think men wont watch porn. Just cuz u haven catched them doesnt mean they dont. They probably do it where and when u least expect it xD Im fine with my man watching porn. We watch it together :D

Stacey. Stacey.

I used to work for customer service at a magazine service provider. I sold everything from Ladies Home Journal to Barely Legal and TRUST ME some women are in such denial their hubby doesnt look at porn its hilarious.

The women who think their hubbies dont look at it are the wives to the men who would get 7 or 8 mags, as compared to the women who would order their hubby Hustler or Playboy and that would be the only one they got.

Its photographs and videos, if you are jeaolus of a "pretend" woman you have serious self esteem and insecurity issues.

angie... angiea2105

Do I care? No, not at all. We use to own a subscription to fyre tv. A porn provider that had every vidoe out there. We cancelled it a few months after because we never watched it. Hubby barely watches it. I think if you forebid it, it may lead to them wanting to watch it more. I agree some men are totally addicted and if mine were I may have a different opinion but so what if they watch it now and then, its better then them going out to find the real thing..

kelti... kelticmom

Hell, my husband and I watch porn (gasp) TOGETHER! And if he watches it on his own, oh well. Unless he uses his hand, I know that the only person getting him off is me. I think the women that freak out about it are just terribly insecure about themselves, that somehow they are not good enough for their men and are just waiting for them to leave them. But is there really a difference between your husband watching porn and fantacizing and you reading trashy romance novels and fantacizing?

Doomy234 Doomy234

Pfft. They're men. They like boobies. Get over it.

My Husband and I watch it together. And I dont care if he watches it by himself either.

nonmember avatar Jjop

All ALL men look at porn....I used to run an IT company and we would get calls all the time from the wife cause the computer is down and the techs would come back with crazy stories everytime of the amount of porn they would find on the hard drive or in the Internet history. Its just the way it is and it isn't because your husband doesn't love you of find you attractive. I watch porn with my husband and could give a crap what he looks at online. I feel bad for women who are so adamant that their husbands and boyfriends don't view porn.....they ALL do!

cocob... cocobeannns

I don't care. He's a man and I'm not stupid.

LikeA... LikeAVirgin

I don't mind at all. Sometimes we watch it together. As long as what he's watching doesn't involve children or animals, just consenting adults, then I have no problem with it.

madam... madamekatekate

If porn watching is happening in secret, it is LYING and disrespectful. THAT is what upsets most women. I do not like being lied to and being made to feel like a fool. So if I discovered that my husband was watching porn behind my back, I'd be upset. Because I was being LIED to.

I personally don't care much about porn. I watch it occasionally and my husband knows I do--just like I know he does. We've watched it together on occasion (not often because we have really different tastes, lol).

But can you people really not understand how other women are upset when they find out their husbands are/have been lying to them? Is that really insecurity on their part? Are their feelings of anger, sadness, and disgust not valid because they are "prudes" who don't approve of porn? Porn watching may be pretty normal for many adults, but when you're married secretive, lying behavior should NOT be normal.

Stacey. Stacey.

Madamekatekate, Lying is purposefully saying something that is not true, not withholding information. That is like saying every time you poop you're lying to him unless you announce it.

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