The Secret to Having the Most Magical Kind of Orgasm


woman holding towelIt seems like women have a lot going on in their pubic area. While it may sound confusing and seem overwhelming, it's not. In fact, most of it is pretty amazing. Especially if you know the right areas. It's time to tell you all about the blended orgasm.

Trust me, you should take notes.

So what's this about a blended orgasm, you ask? It's an orgasm that mixes both of those delicious erotic spots into a single delightful climax.

Great, now how do you do that?

Women generally have two zones that cause orgasm: the c-spot and the g-spot (sounds like too many spots, I know, but pay attention). Most women achieve orgasm through the c -- or clitoral -- spot, which is the most accessible of the two.

To have a blended orgasm, first you have to find your g-spot. Your c-spot (your clitoris) you should be well and truly familiar with. The g-spot, though, is kinda tricky to find, so bear with me.

So first, get your engines revved up. Grab your vibrator or your hand and start to stimulate your c-spot. When you're finally nice and in the mood, it's time to find your g-spot! (Trust me, you'll thank me.)

Place your index finger inside your vagina and feel along the front wall for a slightly rough, swollen nub. You can't miss it -- the minute you find it, you'll find yourself much more stimulated than before. Begin to stimulate your g-spot with one hand. As you feel yourself reaching climax, begin to stimulate your clitoris with the other.

When you reach climax -- and you will -- it'll be unlike anything you've ever felt.

You can thank me later.

Have you had one of these beauties yet?

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nonmember avatar Liz

Yes, but not by myself. Orgasms are always better with a helping hand :)

nonmember avatar Liza

I can understand instructing women how to do this. I didn't even know how to reach a climax with a man until I got married. He was the first man I was with who allowed me to explore my sexuality and try different positions with. Yeah, that means with other men I have dated I was faking it most times. I found that being on top allowed me to have the kind of orgasm you speak of because the clitoris gets stimulated at the same time as the G-spot. Would have been nice to know that through self-exploration, first though. LoL.

Hisgi... Hisgirlnow

Yep, it is something I can do. HOWEVER takes a bit of work on my behalf (not for the morning sex btw).

All required is me on top, him flat & legs pretty much together (yeah, not much movement on his part, but trust me), & I do the work at my own pace.

nonmember avatar Shelly

You can add one more spot. You don't have to penetrate, but just touch your butthole. It adds a ton of pleasure. Try it!

Nraw2011 Nraw2011

Ladies, never ever fake an orgasm.  You're doing yourselves and all women a disservice.  

Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

After having a baby (ok, it was a c-section), I just don't find hands all up in my vagina sexy anymore.

That kind of stuff is fun when you're young, but if you haven't freaked out on yourself and you're an adult now, you probably never will.

Nraw2011 Nraw2011

Lucretia  It's never too late to get your freak on.  

Lucre... LucretiaMcEvil

@Nraw - It's never too late to get your freak on.

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