Bacon-Flavored Lube Promises to Add 'Sizzle' to Your Sex Life


bacon-flavored lubeReally ... I'm not sure what's wrong with some people. But there are actually individuals out there who love bacon so much that they petitioned, begged, and pleaded for J & D's, the purveyors of bacon-flavored salt and bacon-flavored lip balm, to come out with bacon-flavored ... lubricant. Eww. Eww. Ewwww. Yeah, the idea originated from an April Fools' blog post that was a tongue-in-cheek, satirical JOKE. But when some pork lovahs out there caught wind of the concept, they actually made a case for J & D's to produce the stuff.

So, now, it exists. And for $11.99 you can buy yourself a bottle of baconlube Massage Oil and Personal Lubricant. Wow -- SO UNKOSHER.

Perhaps I just don't understand, because I have never and really will never care for pork, red meat, and especially what the USDA defines as "cured belly of swine carcass." (Blleechhh.) But come on, even people who DO love it have to admit, bringing it into bed and incorporating it into your sex routine? How on earth is that hot?! I could see certain other, unconventional flavors being good in bed ... like creme brulee or even something a bit quirky like Sour Patch Kids, but bacon?! 

Oh, well! The freakiest thing to me is that I bet there are even more people who are going to be into this than the "baconlube" (that's the trademark spelling, FYI) makers expect. And then they're going to have to make all different kinds of haute gourmet flavors, like bacon with chocolate lube, maple bacon cupcake lube, or bacon and pancakes lube! 

Well, alright, you know ... when it comes to sex and turn-ons, to each their own, right? Who am I to judge? The folks behind the lube won't wrinkle their nose at you either. They say, "We'll make no judgments about why you want this or what you want to do with it, but baconlube is here ... Keep It Sizzlin'." HA! Okay, cool, whatever floats your boat. And if that's having meaty, bacon-flavored sex, so be it.

Wha do you think about baconlube?


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nonmember avatar blh

I love bacon....but that's nasty.

tuffy... tuffymama

That's just nasty. People are so..... nasty.

Logan... LoganTroyMom

i would totally get this for my hubs AS A GAG GIFT lol.. He loves bacon

danni... danni1982

I bought it as a gag gift for my DH He will get the joke and we will share a laugh, but never actually use it

kelli... kelliewhitney

I do love me some bacon, but certain flavors should not me mixed.  I would get it as a gag gift for hubby, except he might actually want to use it. Eww! I don't think he would ever venture there again, and I would have to take several showers to feel un-porky.

nonmember avatar mazula

My friends and I actually came up with this idea one night when we were intoxicated and our male friend kept eating bacon. We talked about how most men love bacon and if they had the choice between bacon or sex what would they choose? A couple of them were torn so my female friend and I said we should invent bacon flavored lube and then the men wouldn't have to choose and they would be down there all day. A win-win for everyone. I am just mad that we didn't actually make it first. lmao

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