Ryan Gosling Tickles the Ivory & Is Hotter Than Bradley Whatshisname (VIDEO)


ryan gosling dead man's bonesI have it bad for Ryan Gosling. Whenever he says Hey girl, I secretly think it's to me. I can easily pretend I am Michelle Williams or Rachel McAdams or even the Real Girl to his "Lars" when watching any of his movies. He is the Sexiest Man Alive even if People magazine seems to think Bradley Cooper is with his smug I maybe had sex with Jennifer Lopez look. You know what, Bradley? Ryan supposedly did it with Eva Mendes. Kind of a touche, wouldn't you say?

And yes, Bradley Coop-aire (as the French would pronounce) did get many of us all tingly inside when he spoke the language that gave us the word menage a trois, but I'll take Gosling's London (Ontario) accent thankyouverymuch. And in case you have any doubt, or even a whole Notebook full of reasons you think Whatshisname deserved it, let me present to you a little gem that I was just lucky enough to see. RYAN GOSLING SINGING AND PLAYING THE PIANO. Yeah, he's in a band. Called Dead Man's Bones. And there's video.

Prepare yourselves, it's about to get really hot in here.

Excuse me, I have to watch it again for the tenth time.

Deep breath. Wait. Again.

In the Room Where You Sleep. You caught that right? That's the name of the song. Oh Ryan. How did I not know this about you until now? I feel so fanatically challenged.

Look at the way he is moving with his WHOLE BODY when he plays piano. His feet pounding on the pedals, getting really into the music. Yes, Ryan, yes!

ryan gosling playing piano

The man vest!!! Silky, shiny, satiny man vest -- with the rolled up sleeves. Sexy move, Ryan. Very sexy move. And no sign of baldness. Hair you can grab. Oh, Ryan, oooooh!

ryan gosling hair

And wook, wook (*baby speak*) at how he interwacts with those kiddie kids. *KISSY FACE*

He cares! He's a nurturer, that's how I see it. He'll be a natural father. Impregnate me, Ryan, please! Heck, I might be pregnant after watching this video. Here is our spawn:

This kid loves him.

Ryan's just ... perfect. Sexiest Man of the Year if you ask me.

Do you love Ryan more now that you saw his incredibly large, ahem, music ability?

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FitAlyse FitAlyse

OMG that is awesome! Ryan is my husband's doppleganger. ;) I love him so much.

lehof... lehoffman

hmm well, I tend to like men better when they DON'T drink and drive. So far Bradley has that over Ryan Gosling so I'm going to side with People on this one. 

Lo1427 Lo1427


Mommy... MommyDearest555

I love me some Bradley Cooper! Sorry Ryan, Bradley has stolen my heart, but you do play the piano very well.

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