10 Most Cringe-Worthy Things We Have Done for Love


Ah, love. It can make an ass out of even the coolest hipster in the world. Seriously, is there anything cheesier than love itself? Think about it. Rather than being cool and independent and all untouched, love makes us want to wrap ourselves in someone else's arms, listen to Air Supply, and hop on a tandem bike to Dorkville.

The fact is, part of what is most joyful about love is cheesy. Songs change, you want to be nicer, suddenly you find yourself doodling "I Heart Rob" in an unironic way. It's beautiful, fun, and oh so very cheese-tastic.

We can't all be badasses in love and wear vials of each other's blood after all. So I asked around and compiled a list of some of the most cringe-worthy, cheesy things we have done for love. Warning: They may make your teeth hurt or cause you to vomit uncontrollably. Here they are:

  1. The mix tape: If, unlike me, your taste in love songs transcends Peter Cetera, then maybe (maybe) you made a cool mix tape back in the day. But I doubt it. There is almost nothing cheesier (or more retro) than an old cassette tape with handwritten notes all made for one purpose: Love. Bonus points if you drew hearts on the little stickers on the actual cassette.
  2. Matching sweaters: Oh yes, my husband and I have done it and will do it again. Look for us at an ugly sweater party near you.
  3. Christmas cards with just the couple: It's one thing with the kids, but the couple in cheesy poses just takes it way too far past cool. Bonus points if it also features an animal/pet of some kind.
  4. Valentine's Day: Face it, almost anything you do on this holiday is cheese-tastic. Hearts, balloons, candies, and cards will make any man look like Ryan Seacrest giving the thumbs-up sign.
  5. Heart-shaped food: One friend's husband made a heart-shaped pizza for her, replete with heart-shaped pepperoni. Can we get a collective, aawwwww. I only wonder how many varieties of cheese were melted on top.
  6. Love email names: Ricksgirl@gmail.com better be 16 or she has no excuse for that horrible screen name/email account.
  7. Horrible pet names: I like to think my pet name for my husband is cool (Robert P -- don't ask me why, it makes no sense), but others range from bad to almost unbearably saccharine: "Sugar pie"; "Sweetness"; "Love Muffin"; "Love"; "Angel bear." And those are just from my friends. I, apparently, hang out with weird game show hosts.
  8. Heart doodles: Oh yes, I still do this. After all, my husband's name (Rob) is ripe for being spelled with a heart. Just sayin'.
  9. Love songs: When you are driving along, listening to light-100 radio and getting chills to "The Power of Love" by Celine Dion, you are too far gone to be helped.
  10. Lunch-box notes: If they are written in lipstick, you have just broken the cheese-o-meter, my friends. Quick! Go have some raunchy, dirty sex and cancel it out!

What are the cheesiest things you have done for love?


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Kritika Kritika

My friend's neighbors refer to eachother as "lover," like, publicly. One time they were in an arguement and she was speeding out of the driveway and he was out there yelling for her " But Lover! Wait!" hahaha God they were so strange... 

Total... Totallysmitten

Carved "I love you" in the top crust of a homemade pot pie...and took a picture.

Write love notes and leave them where he can find them.

We have matching jackets~~~

vanes... vanessa5470

Hmm...we've matched outfits unconciously. We both wear glasses, plastic rimmed and often get stares...probably because we also look alike, kinda. Lol.

As far as nicknames, I call him baby, or babe. I get honey bee from him on occasion..dont know where the crap he got that from lol

LikeA... LikeAVirgin

My fiancé and I unconsciously match outfits all the time lol. One of us always changes though before we go out. One time, back when we were still in college, I baked him a cake, frosted it, and wrote "I Love Brent" on it!! Definitely the cheesiest thing I have done lol. He said he loved it though :)

Suzi Suzi

I can't say I've done anything cheesy.  I can say that there are things I have said/done or he has said/done, spontaneously, not knowing the other was thinking the same thing.  Sometimes even voicing the same thing at the same time.  It's not cheesy; it's like minds in agreement.



Susie19 Susie19

One time I baked my bf a heart shaped cake just because...and he loved it. :)  And we both agreed that the Christmas cards his cousin and her bf made were really cheesy though...they broke up soon after.. I think holiday cards should inculde three or more people or maybe two and a pet, but other than that it looks weird...

Brittany Henderson

i dont know if its because we like the same clothes. but we almost always end up dressing in the same colors. Just this past sunday for example. While he is in the shower i pick out our boys clothes, and he gets dressed while im in the shower and then dresses the boys while im getting ready. We didnt notice until on the way to church that he had a navy sweater with green stripes and i had on a navy dress with a green cartigan. Pretty sure he lost man points with his friends over it! :)

Christina Leonor Mastin

I still do the writing love notes and tossing them in his lunch box. I think it keeps the little things alive. :) 


yep done all of those, but i must say the matching clothes was jeans and and icp jersy and he is much more mushy than i am. he has carried me in public, i wore heels and my feet were killing and he scooped me up and carried me from the door all the way to the car. 

Melis... Melissa042807

My husband is the cheesy one in our relationship for sure! While we were dating he snuck over to my workplace during his lunch break and left roses on my car. :-) And that's the least of the cheesy things he's done! He likes when I do cheesy things for him but I always blank out when I try to think of something to do. So I stick with the classics like having his favorite dinner cooking when he gets home or something like that. 

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