Amazing Pillow Connects Long Distance Lovers (VIDEO)


pillow talkLong distance relationships are difficult. So I hear. I've listened to a friend a time or two lament about them. Actually, ha. I forgot I was in one in college. Whoops! Anyway, there's nothing easy about being separated from the one you love. But there's a new product in beta testing that might help alleviate some of that pain. It's called Pillow Talk and it's a pillow that does way more than just support your heavy head. It supports your heavy heart. Aww.

It's kind of hard to explain -- it's like E.T. phone-home in pillow form, whatever that means -- but it's worth a look-see. Lucky for us, there's a video that explains everything. Bonus: The video, I believe, uses an Explosions in the Sky song, which as you know, is the band famous for their Friday Night Lights soundtrack, which as you also know, is amazing. K. On to the pillows.

So there's this ring that you put on your finger that communicates wirelessly with the inside panel of your partner's pillow and he can hear your heart beat through it. Even though you're in two different cities, it feels like you're laying on his chest, and vice versa. And his lights up when you put your head on yours ... see? Told you it was hard to describe.

I can't wait til this pillow is on the market; I think it's terrific. I can really see how useful it would be to feeling and staying connected with your significant other who's out of town temporarily, or indefinitely.

Watch the one-minute video to understand Pillow Talk:

What do you think of this product? Would you ever use it?


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Jasmine Laurèn Hughey

This would be cool, too if you have a child that gets homesick and is at an away camp or a sleepover!  I really could have used this when my husband and I were dating long distance!

nonmember avatar Holly

This would be cool for seperated military spouses dunno if it would work seperate countries unless its just a recording or in my case in the middle of the ocean

nonmember avatar Brandi

I could really use this right now. I haven't seen or been able to hold my husband since 09/09/11. He's 1000 miles away working :(

jagam... jagamama0710

I saw this a few days ago. I want one SO bad. It would be absolutely perfect for military families. I haven't seen my husband since he left in June except on Skype. Being able to "cuddle" would be amazing and whenever my pillow would light up I would know he's safe. 

They said they hope to have it out by V-day but things out of their control could very easily push that back so we'll see.

kelli... kelli0585

I don't see it working very well overseas. People tend to have opposite sleep schedules on the other side of the world.

jagam... jagamama0710

Uh...obviously. It would still be worth every penny to me, even if it's the middle of the day here and I just lay down for a few minutes "with" him. There are times he has free time and he takes naps and it's night time here. It would not be useless.

jessn... jessnip17

I would buy it in an instant!!! I have suck insomnia when my husband is at training or drill... and the dreaded deployments!!! (#3 in the not so distant future) I don't care in the difference in sleep schedules due to the time difference either! There's just something about knowing a simple pillow is shared that can put a mind at ease & allow you to feel a closeness you couldn't before! I totally agree with jagamama... I'd love to see it light up & lay down with it at the same time... no matter when it might be! It's the little things like that which get us through!!! :)

Nicho... NicholasMama608

I SO want this!  SO and I are in a long distance relationship now so this would be perfect!

Ari. Ari.

How do you sleep with a yellow glow right under your eyeball?

Mrs.G... Mrs.Giles

i would sooo love one of those pillows. My husband's work has him away for weeks at a time and it would be nice to "cuddle" at night.

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