Woman Holds Surprise Wedding for Boyfriend


wedding cakeThere are two types of women: The women who wait and wait and wait for their significant others to propose to them. And the women who simply surprise their significant others with a full-blown wedding. Cherie Butler of New Zealand is of the latter school of thought.

When Cherie's boyfriend, David, returned from a fishing expedition this weekend, she asked him to meet her at a local park for what she said was a family picnic. When he eventually showed up, he realized that he was not, in fact, at a family picnic, but at his own wedding -- white dress, tiered cake and all.


In case you're wondering, the two did wind up getting married. Turns out David had actually asked Cherie to marry him countless times before, and she always replied with, "One day," so all's good in the 'hood. But still ... a surprise wedding. Eek.

I understand that, traditionally, weddings are more of a "female thing" than a "male thing," and nine times out of ten, the bride-to-be will get her way when it comes to decisions. But it doesn't matter. The point is, the groom is at least involved with the planning. He at least has an idea of what's going to take place from the moment he walks down the aisle until the moment he leaves the reception. He might not like it, but he knows.

Planning a wedding from start to finish with no input from your significant other whatsoever is a little nutty to me. Especially if the significant other is the one who wanted to get married -- everyday -- in the first place. It really says a lot about the drastic imbalance of power in this relationship.

I guess that's focusing on the bad, though. The good of this is that these two crazy kids got married. If David's cool with it, so am I. But I still think it's a little weird. Just sayin'.

Do you think it's weird that the bride surprised the groom with a wedding?


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nonmember avatar David

This is awesome. Guys really do not care about the planning of all of the "stuff" if you think your guy does, he doesn't.

fraoch fraoch

I think, if the guy has been asking for a while and she said someday, the surprise was appropriate. He wanted to marry her, she let him know in a fun way she wanted to marry him :)

Kristina Lawler Funk

Actually, my husband was very involved in planning our wedding. I let him handle the cake and the food at the reception. So to say that guys really don't care isn't exactly accurate.

That addressed, this woman is nuts. 

Courtney Paige Neale

Yes, I actually totally agree with your point of view.

Bertha21 Bertha21

That is one of the sweetest stories I have ever heard! This story made me cry, they look soooooo happy!!! I wish them the best :) She sounds like a wonderful woman!

GlowW... GlowWorm889

I think it's a little odd, unless she used his input from conversations they had in the past. But likely forgivable since he got what he wanted in the end...her. At first, I thought it was just some crazy girlfriend who threw a suprise wedding for her unsuspecting boyfriend and I thought...poor guy! XD

Melis... Melissa042807

Odd from my perspective, but if he was cool with it, then hey, congrats to the happy couple. :-) 

nonmember avatar shekira

Jeez I think I just found the perfect way to take my boyfriend by suprize when he asks me to marry him,I'm just going to say one day and then do the same thing asswell! Haha love this story!

nonmember avatar kirsty packham

i think this is the sweetest thing ever and to be honest im actually in the process of doing the same thing, i love my man to pieces and i hope he likes it. i even have his friends in onit too so they can get me idea's from him soooooooooooooooooooooooo excited cant wait

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